Located near Midway, Kentucky

This is the home of my Great Great Grandfather
William "Scott" McDowell Buford. 
See pages 291, 348 and William's notes on page 416
 of my new Buford book 2005.
The windows are 'lead glass' and are the original windows.  In one of the upstairs windows are the initials of one of William's children. The red bricks were "burned" at the sight of the building.  The walls are about a 18 inches deep.  It has four chimneys - two on each side of the house.
These pictures were taken in 2002.  At that time, the owners were busy giving the place some much needed TLC.  However, in 2006 on my way to Virginia, I stopped by to see what progress they had made and discovered the property was in the hands of new owners.  They seemed not to have made much progress, in fact, it had slipped into further  deterioration.  I wish I had not stopped to see it again.

Photos were taken by Jerry L. Walker

Side view of Elkwood showing the old carriage step

This is the Central Hallway with three large rooms on both sides
and the door in the background enters into the kitchen. 
Lovely staircase!!  All the floors have been stripped down to the original

This is the library - there are bookshelves on all the walls. 
Unfortunately the Cherry Wood has been painted white as is most of the beautiful molding.

Here you see one of the original brass chandeliers -
first changed to gas then to electricity.

This is the original Door Knocker that 
Great Great Grandfather William used -
I offered to buy it but, understandably, they refused

I am assuming this is the old Carriage House -
 in need of a little fixing-up!

At top and below is the Slave quarters and Cook House.
It burned during William's time and a huge kitchen was added to the
back of the house.

My Grandmother Fern K. Petersen Buford told me about this house
when I was too small to understand but I remembered
the story she told me.  It was and still could be, a beautiful old home.
It has so many memories locked within it's walls.


BUFORD Families in America Book 2005

Addendum to Buford Book 2005






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