Buford book Correction

Please go to page 57 - (1-b)  Thomas Buford

I have written that Thomas married California Carty on the 29th of June 1831.  This is incorrect - her name was
Calphurnia Carty.

Proof of the spelling of this name is in a book entitled: 
The Buford Carty Log House
written by
Kevin C. Skibiski

This is a very GOOD-FACTUAL book covering the history
of the Buford-Carty house and it's inhabitants
from 1847 to the present time.

I highly recommend this book - it is very nicely done and if you
are a Buford or a Buford descendant it should be in your library.
Proceeds from the book sales go entirely to the preservation
of the Buford - Carty Log Cabin.

You can contact Kevin by e mail:  kskibiski@ostoday.com


BUFORD Families in America Book 2005

Addendum to Buford Book 2005


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