BEAUFORD, Agatha Lee

Page 36 – Agatha Lee Beauford daughter of Thomas Beauford Jr. and Elizabeth Metstand Lee was born August 13, 1705. The Buford book of 1924 does not mention Elizabeth’s full name nor does Thomas’ will. However, two of their children carry a middle name of Lee. Agatha Lee Beauford and Mary Lee Beauford.

Agatha who was born in Lancaster County, Virginia first married George Twyman on the 16th of July, 1724. They had four children: (1) Elizabeth Twyman born June 28th, 1725. Elizabeth died very young on the 29th of August 1727. (2) William Twyman was born May 27, 1727. (3) Catherine Twyman was born on June 13, 1729. (4) George Twyman was born March 19, 1731.

Agatha married a second time (after the death of George Twyman – date not known) to John Warwick also of Lancaster County, on March 8th, 1735. They had one son; Abraham Warwick born May 19, 1738 and a daughter Elizabeth Warwick born August 6, 1740.

In the Buford Book of 1924 it states that Agatha ‘must’ have married again because in her father’s will of 1751 she is referred to as Agatha Lee. This is an error as Agatha and her sister Mary was given her mother’s maiden name of LEE. Thank goodness for Wills, we learn so much from them.



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