William P. McDowell

The Lexington Morning Herald
February 2, 1902

Sketch of Major W. P. McDowell
Major William P. McDowell died suddenly of heart disease last night at his residence, No. 1237 Second street.  A few days ago Major McDowell suffered a severe fall from a Brook street car and this is thought to have so jarred his system that his heart was fatally affected.  He seemed, however, to have recovered for he was at his office in the Pension Department yesterday.  After his return he seemed weak but nothing serious was apprehended.  The fatal stroke came at 9:15 o'clock while he was reading before the fire.  Death was almost instantaneous.

Major McDowell was born sixty three years ago in this city.  His father was Dr. William A. McDowell.  Young McDowell enlisted in the Federal Army at the outbreak of the Civil War.  He was soon made a Lieutenant in the Fifteenth Kentucky Infantry and eventually gained the rank of Major for conspicuous bravery at the battle of Stone River.  At this engagement he received a wound which prevented him from re-entering the service.

After the war Major McDowell for several years conducted a drug store.  Later he was made Treasurer of the Louisville Water Company, which position he held twenty-one years.  He resigned ten years ago, and his last employment was in the local pension office.

Besides his wife, who was Miss Kate Wright of this city, Major McDowell leaves six children.  They are John W. of Peoria, Ill; W. Wallace, President of the Kentucky & Louisville Mutual Life Insurance Company; Robinson A. , attorney; E. Irwin, with the Robinson-Hughes Company  and Misses Katie and Annie McDowell.  E. Irvin McDowell is at present in Grand Rapids.



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