William H. Buford

This Obituary was posted in
The Richmond, Virginia Dispatch
July 6th, 1900

Mr. William H. Buford Dead
This Well-Known Gentleman Passed Away in Danville
Deceased was born in Pittsylvania County...

News has been receive here of the death near Danville on Monday, of Mr. William H. Buford, a brother of Colonel A. S. Buford of this city.  The funeral took place from the old family residence in Danville, Tuesday afternoon.

Deceased was born in Pittsylvania County 82 years ago, and grew up and was educated in Virginia.  During and for some time following the civil war he was a merchant in Danville.  He married a Miss Wilson, daughter of Colonel Nat Wilson who lived in Pittsylvania County and her remains are interred in the old family burial place on the estate.

Mr. Buford, at the time of his death, was station master at Buford's and postmaster, the post-office bearing the name of Morostock.



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