William Crawford

Will of William Crawford – 1792
Will Book 8 – pages 23-24

In The Name of God Amen.  This cometh greeting known to God that I William Crawford of Augusta  County and the state of Virginia being weak in body but of sound and perfect mind and understanding and knowing that it is allotted for all men once to die have thought it proper to make this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following Imprinis bequeath my Soul to almighty God from whom it had its being in hopes of a speedy resurrection and my body to the Earth to be decently interred according to the direction of my executors hereafter nominated and appointed.  It is my will and desire that all my just debts be punctually paid as soon as the nature of my affairs will direct…  I bequeath unto my loving wife Rachel Crawford her third of the first division  and __?__ during her natural life likewise the young Sorrel Mare, saddle and one bed and furniture with the Cattle for the support of such of children are remaining with her namely five head of Milch line for the said use.  Item, it is my will and desire that she have the use of the home to herself without any interruption during her life.  Item, It is my will and desire that the first division of my land begin at a black & white Oak at the __?__ adjoining to Robert Rennock’s land and running a West course so as to run contiguous to the wheat field sowed this fall thence to the top of the mountain and from thence to the middle boundary from thence to __?__ __?__ at the right hand of the path that leads to the mountain course.  The line that Mr. Buchanan ran last fall but not finished from thence to where James Elliot & me joins corners then bearing  sixty poles along the top of the mountain the nearest way to the branch within sixty poles of James Elliot’s corner three white Oaks and from thence running to a white Oak corner to Samuel Gardeners land from thence to a Pine and White Oak corner to the said Gardner from thence the different courses of the said inclusive survey to the beginning.  Item, It is my will and desire that my son Alexander Crawford shall have the first division as described after his mother’s decease to him and his heirs forever. And the use of two thirds of the same during her life time and that he shall furnish his mother with a suitable maintenance for herself and such children as remain with her till they arrive at the age of maturity and to use his best endeavor in giving him Gorge Crawford learning of capable to receive it as far as his capacity will __?__.  Item, the second division is the forks of the river(?) the third division formerly __?__  The fourth division formerly James Wilson’s taking in such lands as are surveyed or located adjoining said division.  Item, It is my will and desire that my three sons, namely James Crawford, John Crawford and William Crawford have the said division divided among them as equally as the  nature of the land will admit and each of the above named to have the division to go by seniority.


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