William Ragsdale Buford

$165,000 for 11,000 Acres


W. R. Buford of Sulphur Springs
sells his holdings in Cottle
and Kings Counties


Special to the news

Sulphur Springs, Texas, April 7, 1909 - The largest land deal ever made in Sulphur Springs was closed this afternoon when J. E. Thomas received for his grandfather W. R. Buford from J. B. Sneed of Amarillo and R. L. Collins of Quanah, $165.000 for 11,000 acres of farming land in Cottle and King counties, which Mr. Buford has owned since 1875, when he located it.  Mr. Buford is the oldest citizen of Sulphur Springs celebrating his ninety-first birthday on March 3.


Mr. Buford is a descendant of Richard Beauford, the first Buford immigrant to America in 1634.  He was born in South Carolina on the  3rd of March 1818 to Miles and Catherine Young Buford.  Miles and Miss Young were married on January 15, 1807 in Union District, South Carolina.  Miles  was born April 1, 1789 and is the son of Leroy and Frances Ragsdale Buford of Brunswick Parish, Amelia County, Virginia.  Leroy was born April 29, 1751 to Henry Jr. and  Frances Beauford.  The name Buford did not come about until  the revolutionary war and the change was due to 'phonics' and  people unable to spell Beauford.  Henry Jr. was born in1710 and was the son of Henry Sr. and Mary Osborn Beauford.

Mr. Buford married the lovely Mary Brooks Simpson in Nacogdoches, Texas on the 17th of June 1841.  They had two children;   John Buford born  in 1843 and Elizabeth born in 1845.  A third child was also mentioned in the 1850 census but she is never mentioned again in any following censuses'.  Her name was Mary T. Buford and she was listed as being 10 years old.  All three children were born in Texas.


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