W. Brown Buford

The Lexington, Kentucky Herald
August 8, 1910


He is Endorsed By Republican Mass Convention for Congress in Eighth
He is Commended Because of "Able Service He Has Rendered Nation."
Nicholasville, KY., August 7 - W. B. Buford was endorsed for the nomination for Congress in the Eighth District by the Republicans of Jessamine county in mass convention yesterday by a vote of 144 to 85.  The delegates selected to attend the Congressional convention at Danville Tuesday were; R. J. Prather, L. D. Shearer, S. D. Harris, C. A. Kenney, Jno Smith, Burdine Betts, David Knoble, W. H. Cobb, W. D. Lowry, Louis Cook, Rankin Roberts, F. L. Searz.

Alternates; W. B. Buford, J. W. Rice, George Boner, Wm. Humble, Andrew McAfee, Remus Clay, Jas Cobb, Jas Walker D. R. Risk.

The following resolutions were adopted:

We, the Republicans of Jessamine county in convention assembled, do hereby reaffirm our implicit faith in and our unqualified allegiance to those grand principles of our party given to us by our great leaders in the past and a strict adherence in which has caused our country to  become the greatest nation on earth.

"We do hereby endorse and commend the able administration of President Taft which has done so much to promote the welfare and prosperity of our people.

"We do hereby heartily endorse and commend our distinguished United States Senator, W. O. Bradley, who has already taken high rank among the leaders of our party in the Senate the valuable, efficient and able service which he has rendered to the Nation and especially to the citizens of this State should always be held in grateful remembrance.

"We do heartily endorse the able, conservative and economical administration of Governor Wilson and our other State officials.

"We hereby pledge our support to those policies which will bring about a united  party, so that the next State election may place Kentucky safely in the column of Republican States.

"We do heartily recommend that this delegation be instructed to vote Jessamine county for our townsman, W. B. Buford for the Republican nomination for Congress from this, our Eighth District."

The resolutions were reported by Messrs. R. W. Rice, W. H. Humble and Dave Clark.

J. H. McMurtry, U. S. Storekeeper and Gauger, In the Internal Revenue service and a supporter of Colonel N. Miles placed in nominating Chairman L. D. Shearer and B. Betts offered the name of (Unreadable) for the same position. (rest of the paragraph as well as the remainder of the article is unreadable )


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