Those Dern Ole Redskins

Kentucky News
from The Hampshire Chronicle
November 18, 1789

Lexington, Kentucky, August 22, 1789

On the night of the 10th inst. three Indians (supposed to be the same that killed the two Negro children, and wounded the two Negroes near Colonel Johnson's) stole three horses from Captain Buford on Cane Run; They were pursued by Col. Johnson with about 40 men to the Ohio river, 24 of whom crossed the river, and two from a boat going down the river joining them, they followed them to a camp about twelve miles from the Ohio and attacked them early in the morning and drove them out of their camp, when they dispersed.  The men collected the horses, when Mr. Moses Grant rode up a small hill to see his brother who fell in the action, the Indians who had collected again fired on him, upon which they rode off for the Ohio, being pursued by the Indians, who wounded three horses on the retreat.  We had three men killed and two wounded; and it is thought twelve or fourteen Indians are killed and wounded.
This is poorly written and I feel an apology is in order,
However, I just copied it from the Newspaper.


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