Mr. & Mrs. T. C. McDowell

Lexington, Kentucky Herald
September 16, 1915

McDowell Auto is Struck by Big Taxi

Alleged reckless driving by the chauffeur of a big automobile taxicab, No. 18034, threatened serious injury yesterday afternoon to Mr. and Mrs. T. C. McDowell, at the fifth and Race streets race track carriage entrance yesterday afternoon when the driver of the heavy taxicab tore away the front wheel of the McDowell  machine.  Neither McDowell nor Mrs. McDowell was injured, but spectators said they were placed in a precarious condition by the driver.

C. J. Savage, among those who witnessed the accident, declared the driver of the taxicab was coming up Race Street at "not less than a thirty-five-mile an hour clip" and that he kept persons on the street jumping to keep out of his way.  The wheel of the McDowell Hupmobile torn off was next to the side in which Mrs. McDowell was riding.  According to other spectators and Mr. Savage, the driver of the machine declined to give his name to Mr. McDowell, who however, took his number,  The taxicab was a big red car, it was said.



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