Miss Susan Buford

The Winchester, Kentucky News
December 28, 1908

Chocolate Drinking

One of the most fascinating affairs of last week was the "chocolate drinking" given by Miss Allan Crutcher at her home on Boone Avenue, in honor of her guest, Miss Susan Buford of Nicholasville.

The house was attractively decorated in ferns, palms and potted plants. After exchanging many pleasantries in the drawing room, the guests passed into the dining room, where a delightful meat course and chocolate were served by Miss Cora Baldwin, Miss Margaret Brown and Mrs. Ogden Crutcher in a graceful manner.  The table was dazzling with its decorations of candlesticks, ferns and silverware.

About sixty five guests enjoyed the hospitality of this charming young hostess.

from the same Newspaper:

Miss Susan Buford has returned to her home in Nicholasville, after a most delightful visit to Miss Allan Crutcher.


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