Thomas Buford


This is a speech given by a cousin of mine (a few times removed)
Thomas Buford
on the Fourth of July 1846
Midway, Woodford County, Kentucky
Thomas is the son of William (Col. Billy) Buford -
He was born September 18, 1824 at the Tree Hill plantation/farm. 
He was but 22 years old when he gave this speech which was
quite an accomplishment for one so young.

Thomas is a brother to the famous/infamous Confederate General,
Abraham Buford and first cousin to the famous/infamous Union General,
John Buford

Both generals fought for what they believed in and took a firm stand in
what, then, they believed to be right.

Below:  William S. Buford is my Grandfather

Thomas' Grandfather Simeon and Simeon's 5 brothers all fought for America's freedom from English rule.  One of the 6 brothers is my gggGrandfather Colonel Abraham Buford who moved to Kentucky after the war ended.

How shameful for us, the American people, to let the Liberal party and the present Obama administration to trample and totally disregard The Constitution that this great country was founded upon.  I shudder to think what my grandsons will have to face in a future that I shall not have to face.  My ancestors, both Maternal and Paternal, who have fought in every war since the Revolutionary War must be squirming in their graves wondering why they had to fight for a freedom that is being taken from us while we the people behave like sheep.  I might add that some of my ancestors left those battle fields in the hands of God.



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