The Surrender of Sitting Bull
Three Hundred Lodges at Fort Buford

The Columbia Daily Enquirer
July 23, 1881

St. Paul, July 20th - The Pioneer Press has the following special from Ft. Buford detailing the surrender of Sitting Bull:

"Sitting Bull and about 200 people arrived at exactly 12 o'clock to-day, and surrendered their arms and ponies to Maj. Brotherton.  No speeches have yet been made as Sitting Bull and his orator are fatigued and hungry.  They were placed in compartments between the post and boat landing, and are as securely in Maj. Brotherton's charge as if in irons.  The Pioneer Press correspondent interviewed Bull after the lodge was erected, and cheered the old man up by informing him that he had seen the lost daughter whom the Canadian had told him was in chains, only a short time before and that she was well and happy.  The chief expressed a desire to have a talk after he had rested and had something to eat.

The cavalcade as it filed to the garrison attracted much attention.  It consisted of six army wagons, loaded with squaws and children, followed by twenty- five or thirty of Louis Legarre's Red River carts, will filled with baggage. Much credit is given here to Mr. Legarre for his faithful service to the government in finally inducing Sitting Bull to come with him.  He has used his own means freely in providing transportation and provisions, and should be liberally rewarded for his work.  Sitting Bull himself and his chiefs and head men rode their ponies and did not dismount and shake hands till they arrived at the place fixed upon for their camp.  Capt. Clifford states that Bull has seemed more sullen and insolent than any of the chiefs he had under his management; and his action to-day confirmed this statement; but it is thought kind treatment will soon satisfy him.  The government has accepted his surrender in good faith.

A dispatch was forwarded to Standing Rock informing Crow King and Lone Dog of Sitting Bull's arrival, and it was believed this news will remove any desire the Indians there may have to leave the agency.


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