Sioux Indians on The War Path

Sioux City Iowa
June 8, 1872

A special correspondent of the Journal, now at Fort Buford, Dakota, writes, under date of June 1, that the Sioux Indians are on the war path.  There is now a camp of three hundred and sixty five lodges rendezvoused within ten miles of Fort Berthold, and the numbers are being daily increased.  It is said to be the intention of the party to attack Berthold as soon as they can muster two thousand warriors.  There seems to be a universal spirit of hostility among all the Sioux upon the Missouri.  The chief of the band now near Berthold made a speech on the 27th to his hostile braves, telling them that war has been declared, and that every one of the Sioux chiefs would stand by the decision of the council that made the declaration.  He further said that Fort Berthold would be the scene of the opening of hostilities, and Fort Buford  would next receive attention.


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