Sarah Buford Bell

The Washington Times
Washington, D.C.
April 15, 1906

One of the most delightful acquisitions to society in Washington D. C. in a long time is Mrs. J. Franklin Bell, wife of the new Chief of Staff.  Mrs. Bell's early home, in the days when they called her Miss Sarah Buford, was in Rock Island, Illinois and she is a niece of General John Buford and General Napoleon Buford.  She is strictly an army woman, loving the life above all else, and taking it gracefully whether her lot is cast in the Capital of the country, an up-to-date military post, or in some uncultivated frontier town away from social life.  Mrs. Bell is rather a small woman, and of exceedingly pleasing personality.  She is a splendid equestrian, riding as well as does her husband.  Mrs. Edson (Julia) Bradley and Mrs. Bell have been friends for long years, and the former refers to "Sally Bell" with great affection.

General and Mrs. Bell are just now the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bradley at their splendid apartment at Stoneleigh Court, but will leave there this week for some hotel or apartment house which they will make a temporary home.  Mrs. Bell will spend the heated term in Maryland, not far from the capitol, and at Lake George, and in the Fall will select a permanent home.

From my Buford Families in America book of 2005:
Sarah Buford was the daughter of Thomas Buford and Grace (Bowers) Buford of Rock Island, Illinois.  Grand daughter of Charles Buford also of Rock Island and originally from Georgetown, Scott County, Kentucky - The son of Colonel Abraham Buford of Revolutionary War fame and my gggGrandfather and my DAR patriot.  Sarah and James Franklin were married on the 5th of January 1881.  Sarah died December 22, 1943.  Read her obituary in the Obituary section of my Website.

James Franklin Bell was born near Shelbyville, Kentucky on January 9, 1856.  James graduated West Point in 1878. During his illustrious career James attained many medals and honors.  He died in New York City on January 8, 1919 and as a West Point Graduate he is buried in Section 3, Arlington National Cemetery with his wife of 38 years Sarah Buford Bell..


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