Rock Island, Illinois
March 19, 1874

The weather here is mild enough for May, with an abundance of showers.  Ice in the river has so far disappeared that steamers have made their appearance, and preparations are making to start up the lumber mills by the 1st of April.  The manufacturing business of this city is progressing about as usual, excepting the glass factory, which has suspended work since Christmas on account of a strike on the part of the workman.

The Rock Island Plow Works are the largest manufacturing interest in this city.  They were established in 1855 and incorporated in 1871, with B. D. Buford, President; L. M. Buford, Vice President, and T. J. Buford, Secretary.  The establishment is an immense one, located on the bank of the river, and occupying ground to the extent of two squares.  An exclusive side-track connects the works with all of the railways centering in the city, affording the best of facilities for receiving material and shipping manufactured stock.  A careful look through the works reveals their extent and completeness.  It is alive with the hum of business.  Two hundred workmen are engaged in operating a variety of the latest and best inventions of machinery adapted to the work.

Click on this link http://www.bufordfamilies.com/rock_island_plow_co.htm
to view some of the farm equipment the Buford brothers manufactured.



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