Reginald and Florence McDowell

Charlotte N. C. Observer
March 5, 1911

Mortuary Notice
Twin brother and sister burned to death in cradle
Spartanburg, S. C. March 4 -- While asleep in their cradle Friday night, Reginald and Florence McDowell, age eight months, twin brother and sister were both so badly burned that both have since died.  Their mother, Mrs. W. P. McDowell. left them asleep in their room and it is supposed a coal popped from the fire onto the bed and ignited the clothing of the children.  On returning to the room, Mrs. McDowell was horrified to find that the clothing of the children was ablaze.  In her efforts to extinguish the flames, Mrs. McDowell was seriously burned about the head and shoulders.  Florence died soon after  being burned, while death did not end the sufferings of her twin brother until this morning.  At New Prospect this afternoon a double funeral was held.



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