R. A. McDowell

Charlotte N. C. Observer
October 5, 1905

Mortuary Notice

Murder in Camden S. C.
Was the work of Assassins
Mr. R. A. McDowell, a merchant of Camden, waylaid and murdered at 9 o'clock at night while en route home - His companion also assaulted and dragged to the country - One Negro arrested and other arrests may follow to-day - Assailants probably interested in Ellis murder trial - Columbia News Notes.

Columbia S. C. , October 4, --
All South Carolina was horrified this morning in reading the account of the murder of R. A. McDowell, brother of W. L. McDowell, editor of the Camden Chronicle.  McDowell was on his way home to post his books and was killed by a blow from a bludgeon and robbed.

The dramatic effect was intensified this morning when the news reached here that R. L. Parker, a member of the jury in the Gillis case was found in the river near Camden.  Parker is in a dying condition.  He states that he was walking along with McDowell when both were struck down at the same moment.  He was found in reeds on the river one mile from the place where it occurred.  He knows nothing more of the affair.  McDowell's neck was broken and Parkers forehead was struck.  Bloodhounds are being used.  There is great excitement.  There have been many hold-ups in this state in the last fortnight and people are getting desperate.  Since the robbing of Judge Gary in Columbia nobody is surprised at the boldness of the Camden double murder.  A train from Sumter had just arrived ajd many people were on the street when both men were struck down.  Rewards are being offered



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