Rowland Dabney Buford

The Richmond, Virginia Dispatch
December 8, 1901


Through the kind efforts of Mr. R. D. Buford, a new life is now opened up for William A. Martin, who on a charge of murder, about six years ago was sentenced to a term of ten years' imprisonment in the penitentiary.

Mr. Buford had never regarded the evidence sufficient to justify the conviction of Martin.  He received letters from Martin asking him to make an effort to secure his pardon, and through sympathy for the prisoner's wife and two small children, determined to go to Richmond and make an appeal to the Governor in the convict's behalf.  He found Martin had proved an exemplary prisoner and was regarded as a trusty and was kindly spoken of by the authorities at the prison.

Mr. Buford finally secured the pardon from the Governor, which he joyfully bore to Martin, who assured Mr. Buford most solemnly that he would never again indulge in the use of intoxicants, that had been his besetting sin and wrecked his life.

Mr. Buford accompanied him here Tuesday, where his wife, who had been notified of his coming, met them at the train, and there were thankful hearts in her humble home that evening. 

Mrs. Martin had sold their home in the country to meet the expenses of the trial, and supported herself and two young children by her labors in the woolen-mill.  She is a gentle brave little woman.


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