Henry Buford

taken from the Fort
Worth Star-Telegram
April 11, 1919

Dr. Dr. Boaz says he killed McDowell in Self-defense;
Wife of slayer testifies

Dallas, Texas - April 11 --  That he shot Henry McDowell because he feared McDowell would kill him, was the testimony of Dr. H. F. Boaz of Fort Worth, physician who is on trial here for the murder of McDowell on March 6, 1919.

Boaz took the witness stand in his own behalf at 9 o'clock Friday morning and showed unusual composure.  Only once did he show signs of being nervous, then he wept.  That was when his attorneys were asking him about his love for his wife.

"I did not come to Dallas to kill McDowell nor did I go to his place of business for that purpose."  said Dr. Boaz.  "I went to his barber shop to talk to him about my wife and shot him when I thought he was getting a gun to shoot me."

H. A. Boaz Testifies

When Dr. Boaz had completed his testimony, a recess was taken.  On resuming the court session, the defense called Dr. H. A. Boaz; for fourteen years president of Polytechnic College and at present secretary of the board of church extension for the Southern Methodist Church.  He is an uncle of the defendant.  He was called to show that his Nephew had never been convicted of a felony.  With this testimony the defense rested, after which both sides closed.

Mrs. Susan Boaz, wife of Dr. Boaz, took the stand in defense of her husband Thursday afternoon and testified that McDowell had at one time written a threatening letter regarding the physician.

A detailed story of how she has carried on correspondence and met McDowell during the past three years was told by Mrs. Boaz.  She said they had used various means of communicating with each other.  Most of the time she declared the letters had been sent to Jennie Banks, who told of receiving them as a go-between earlier in the day.  She stated that she had a private Post office box at Memphis and that Dr. Boaz received one of the letters by mistake that McDowell wrote to her.

Boaz Sees Letters

"I know he saw two," she testified, "and I think he saw more.  They were in the lock box at Memphis and I went and got them and destroyed them."

Mrs. Boaz said the letter introduced by the defense and identified by Mrs. C.B. Banks, her aunt, was never received by her.  She declared that after Dr. Boaz saw the letters from McDowell she wrote the deceased and told him what had taken place and that he wrote back:

"It dioes not scare me.  I am as bad as he is.  He had better not cross my path."

After this episode in the family life, Mrs. Boaz said her husband agreed to forgive her and that they would go on living together as if nothing had happened to mar their happiness.  However, she stated that later she heard from McDowell and saw him at a hotel in Dallas.

Saw Him in Hotel

At one time she said McDowell spent two hours with her in a hotel room while her husband was supposed to be in Fort Worth.  Last November she said she met McDowell in Dallas and went with him to a room at a hotel.  She denied improper relations with McDowell, declaring that he thought too much of her for that, but that he wanted to marry her.

Character witnesses put on the stand testified to the good character of Dr. Boaz.  Those testifying follow:  Sterling P. Clark, Sheriff of Tarrant County;  F. W. Axtell of Fort Worth, F. M. Burt of Benbrook, Elmo Sledd of Forth Worth,  Thomas D. Ross of Fort Worth,  B.C.  Wells of Benbrook,  Price Arnold of Fort Worth, Dr. W. C. Roundtree of Fort Worth, Dr. C. W. Brewer of Fort Worth,
A.  T. Wooten of Benbrook, J. A. Childers of Benbrooke, Commission of arrant County;  R. R Porter, chief of police at Fort Worth, and Dr. W. R. Thompson of Fort Worth.


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