Miss Florence McDowell Shelby

taken from the
Lexington Herald Ledger
September 9, 1906

Winner of University Scholarship at Hamilton College - Miss Florence McDowell Shelby, whose picture is published above, was the winner of the scholarship awarded last June to the pupil attaining the highest average in what is known as the Junior College course at Hamilton College.  A passing average in this course entitles the applicant to admission to Kentucky University, or to Vassar, Wellesley or other Eastern colleges without examination.  Miss Shelby by securing the highest average obtained a scholarship of one year's free tuition in the college course at Kentucky University.  She has since, however, been offered an opportunity of entering Vassar College and leaves in two weeks to enter that institution.

The Herald has for some time made an effort to publish on its Woman's Page pictures of the local women who "do things" the women who reflect credit on our sex;  instead of those who are seeking divorces from their husbands, who have inherited or bought thirty thousand dollar pearl necklaces, or who are figuring in murder trials or swindling scandals, such as the metropolitan newspapers delight to honor with three-column cuts and scare heads.  We have a theory that one reason women are ranked as intellectually unfit for many positions which it would undoubtedly be in the public advantage for them to hold, is that the capable woman from traditions of modesty - come down to us from Oriental standards - never takes or allows herself to be given full credit for what she does.  Often, entire credit is given to men for work done equally well by men and women, and in some cases where it is done almost entirely by women; and still oftener nothing is said or heard of some really valuable service rendered entirely by a woman, who acts from purely disinterested motives and neither seek nor desires notoriety.  Yada - yada - yada - I have skipped some of the rambling to a more personal account of Florence; 

We publish today the picture of a girl who did even better than all the boys and girls who competed fairly for their scholarships - it is easier to carry of a scholarship from competing boys than competing girls. (chuckle chuckle)

But we are still hunting for the notable Lexington woman born in Lexington, the girl whose picture we publish today was actually born in Fayette county and is a Kentuckian of Kentuckians.  She is the descendant of the women who braved the Indian fire to carry water to the beleaguered fort at Bryan's Station - the only Kentucky women, so far as we know, honored by a monument, though it seems likely that the State owes something in the past to her women as to her men, and that monument was erected by a society of women only. 

On the other side she is a descendant of Governor Isaac Shelby and Dr. Ephraim McDowell.  Miss Shelby's grandmother, for whom, she is named, Mrs. Thomas H. Shelby, was the Grand-daughter of Dr. Ephraim whose service to suffering women will never be forgotten in the annals of surgery.  Miss Shelby is the daughter of Mr. Wallace Shelby and of Miss Margaret Cartnell Bryan, who is remembered by many who knew and loved her not only for her charming disposition but for her fine mind, her quick wit and delightful native sense of humor.

Miss Shelby has received her education so far entirely in Lexington; first at Miss Annie McElhinny's school, afterward at the school conducted by Miss McElhinny and Miss Ella Williams, and for the past three years at Hamilton College, which she entered the year that Mrs. St Clair became president.  We shall hope to see Miss Shelby earn continued honors at the Eastern Institution which she is about to enter.


To read more about the women who saved the besieged men at the fort of Bryan's Station please click here:  http://www.graphicenterprises.net/html/bryan_station.html

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