Milton Philip Craig

I found this obituary for Captain Milton Philip Craig in

The Confederate Veteran Magazine dated September 1915

Milton P. Craig, a Kentuckian by birth and a confederate soldier, who served in the famous commands of Generals John H. (Hunter) Morgan and Joseph E. Wheeler, died in Corpus Christi, TX., the home of his adoption, on December 5, 1915, at the age of seventy-six.

Soon after the breaking out of the war between the states, in 1861, he left home and went to Lawrenceburg, KY., where he met Captain Morgan with his old company, the Lexington Rifles, marching South.  He enlisted immediately and began his military career, which lasted for four years.  This company grew into the "Old Squadron" of three companies, of which so much has been said, rapidly increased to a regiment, then to a brigade, and finally to a splendid division of four thousand gallant and dashing cavalry, the very flower of Kentucky's young manhood.  From the day Milton P. Craig enlisted until the daring Morgan marched North he was actively and constantly engaged in marches, raids, and battles in which this command took part.  He was then transferred to the 9th Regiment of Kentucky Cavalry, commanded by W. C. P. Breckinridge, which was left in Tennessee under command of General Wheeler.  Under this valiant leader he saw arduous and hazardous service at Chattanooga, which led to the battles of Chickamauga and Missionary Ridge.  Then with his command he took active part against Sherman from Dalton to Atlanta, from Atlanta to the sea, through the Carolinas to the battle of Bentonville, the last of the war.

It was about May 1, 1865, that the last of the Confederate cavalry, numbering one hundred and fifty that had not surrendered, left Yorkville, acting as escort fro President Davis and cabinet, the 9th Regiment comprising a large part of the force which was the last organized east of the Mississippi.  A long train of wagons loaded with treasure, gold and silver, had been brought from Richmond with the intention of storing it in General Toomb's cellar at Washington, Georgia. Milton Craig was one of the sixty men detailed from his regiment to guard this money:  However, before reaching Washington the command was disbanded, each man receiving only thirty dollars in coin.  His old comrades who stood with him shoulder to shoulder during this stormy period of his life to a man testify to is worth as a soldier at all times, under all circumstances.  Whether on the march or in camp, on the outpost or on the firing line, he stood unfalteringly at his post, discharging every duty.

He was happily married to Miss Margaret Buford, a member of one of the most prominent families in KY.

Milton P. Craig was a gentlemen of the old school, whose kind and courteous manner made a host of friends who, with his wife and children, mourn is departure.


If you have my latest Buford Families in America book published in 2006 the Craig family is well documented from page 471 through 480.

Captain Craig's wife Margaret was the daughter of William McDowell Buford and Margaret Robertson Buford of Woodford county, Kentucky.  She is sister to my GGrandfather Charles H. Buford who was a Major in the Union Army during the not so civil, Civil War.  Her obituary:


Mrs. Milton P. Craig
Dies at Corpus Christi, Texas

Mrs. Margaret Buford Craig, wife of the late Milton P. Craig of Corpus Christi, Texas died at her home in Corpus Christi December 12, 1930, in the 85th year of her age.  She was the last surviving member of the family of Wm. McDowell Buford and Margaret Robertson Buford and was born at Elkwood, the home built by her father in Woodford County, Kentucky.  She is survived by three children;  Mrs. Burton J. Hickman of Kansas City, Missouri, Miss Mary Craig and William Buford Craig of Corpus Christy, and one granddaughter, Charlotte Buford Craig.  Funeral services were conducted at the home by the Rev. Henry Burwell of the First Presbyterian Church of which Mrs. Craig was a member.  Interment in Rose Hill cemetery at Corpus Christi, Texas.
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