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The newspaper articles below were chosen by me because it was about or mentioned a family member - usually a Buford.  The Buford family had as many men fighting for the Confederacy as they had fighting for the Union.  Their loyalties were greatly divided.

Army of the Potomac

Sept 25, 1863
(Gen'l John Buford)

Battles on the Rapidan

Aug 12, 1862
Aug 3, 1863
(Gen'l John Buford)

The Civil War Chronology News
 August 1862

Movements in McClellan's Army
August 14, 18622

The War in Virginia   
August 18, 1862

Editorial Correspondence
(by overland mail)
September 11, 1862

Civil War in Virginia News
May 8, 1863

Raid by General Abe Buford
May 11, 1863

Last Night's despatches
Siege of Vicksburg
June 11, 1863

The Situation at Vicksburg
July 7, 1863

Situation on the Potomac
July 11, 1863

Today's Dispatches
August 3, 1863

Lee's Movement Revealed
September 21, 1863

The Eastern News
November 12, 1863

Meade's Late Advance
December 26, 1863

The Army of the Potomac still mud-bound
April 14, 1864

Army Movements
October 22, 1853

Claim's allowed to CSA heirs

Lieutenant Buford

Field Officer Appointments

James Morrison

Colonel Abraham Buford
Ben Tarlton, L.C.C.B.L.

Foreign War Vets Install Officers

Missouri River


BUFORD Families in America Book 2005

Addendum to Buford Book 2005


Simeon R. Buford

John Quincy Adams Buford




And my ALL-TIME favorite ~ TRIVIA

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