Mary Steele

Lexington, Herald
October 27, 1907

Mrs. Mary Steele Dies at Frankfort

Funeral Services will be held this afternoon from Wapping Street Home.

Mrs. Mary Steele of Frankfort, KY. - widow of the late Capt Samuel Steele, died last Friday morning in Frankfort at the age of 80.  The funeral services will be held at 3 o'clock this afternoon from her late residence on Wapping Street, and the burial will be in the Frankfort cemetery.

Mrs. Steele was of an old and distinguished Kentucky family.  She was the daughter of the late John McDowell and was born and raised in Fayette county in the first brick house ever erected in Kentucky, which stood for many years until destroyed by fire on the Georgetown pike.

Three children survive her, a daughter, Mrs. Kate Bullitt of Frankfort, KY. and two sons, James Pilkington of New Orleans, LA. and John Pilkington of Missouri.

Mrs. Steele leaves many relatives and friends in Lexington and throughout Kentucky.  She was the Aunt of John McDowell Ross, G. P. Ross, C. B. Ross, Mrs. Henry Higgitts of Lexington, Mrs. John E. Roche of Louisville and Mrs. W. A. Beatty of Lexington.


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