The Marriage of
Marcus Buford
Mattie Middleton

June4, 1923
The Alabama Advertiser
Jones Mill, Alabama June 3, 1923..
Of the many brides for May none has received any more attention than Miss. Mattie Middleton, whose wedding to Marcus Buford was solemnized on Wednesday, May 30, at the Methodist Church, Jones Mill, Alabama..
Tuesday night she and her bridal party were delightfully entertained at a six o'clock dinner by the ladies of Methodist Church, of which she was an enthusiastic member.  The home of Mrs. J. M. Golson was the scene of this delightful occasion.
Mrs. W. S. Beard and Mrs. P. W. Gordon received the guests and welcomed them to a real Spring spot made lovely with a profusion of flowers and ferns, which greeted the guests at the threshold.
Dr. W. W. Beard a toastmaster, Mrs. Beard and Miss Lucile Cobb furnished amusements between courses by giving toast reading, music and contests.
Misses Myra Middleton and Clara Armstrong, who so gracefully served the tables, were beautiful in their dresses of white organdy.
After giving their expressions of delight, two by two the guests departed from the dining room.
Those who enjoyed this delightful feast were the bride, Miss Mattie Middleton, Miss Maggie Middleton and Bessie Ray McMilan Mesdames A. M. English and W. S. Bowden. Rev. Roy D. Osbone and Messer's Marcus Buford, Walter Buford, John F. Busey, Samuel Busey, Louis Tucker and Carl Middleton.


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