Miss Magdalen Harvey McDowell

January 10, 1919

Will of Miss McDowell Recalls First Gift to TB

Building Memorial to Her Father;
Testator Lived to See Completion

The will of Miss Magdalen Harvey McDowell, produced on Wednesday, recalls the first and largest gift made to the tuberculosis sanatorium, for which a campaign was afterward successfully made for $55,000.00 from private sources.  The children's building, a large part of the cost of which was covered by Miss McDowell's gift and which she thought she might not live to see finished, was completed during her lifetime.  She having made the last payment thereon in January 1918.

Miss McDowell and Mr. Leon Frankel(?) collaborated in planning the building, and it was all exact expression of her original conception of the needs of the children who were to occupy it.  On each floor a sleeping porch with disappearing windows on three sides accommodates ten children.  A room for the nurse or attendant opens on each porch.  There are isolation rooms, baths, a large school room and dining room and sitting out porches back and front.

Miss McDowell had the pleasure of seeing the building many times after it was housing it's full quota of twenty children who were there being restored to health.

A bronze tablet in the building states that it is a memorial to
Dr. William Adair McDowell*,
whose book on
"The Curability of Pulmonary Consumption"
published in 1843, shows that he was the first to apply and to practice successfully the treatment now generally accepted for the cure of tuberculosis - though, at the time, it was bitterly condemned and denounced by contemporary physicians.

Miss McDowell's will follows:

I, Magdalen Harvey McDowell of Lexington, Kentucky make this my last Will.

After certain bequests are made and certain things done concerning which a private memorandum is left.  I desire that ten thousand dollars or such part of that sum as has not already been expended by me for this purpose, shall be used by my executor in the erection of a children's building upon the grounds of the "District Board of Sanitarium Trustees of Fayette County" to be a memorial to my father\, Dr. William Adair McDowell; this building to become the property of said district board to be used by them in carrying out the purposes for which the board was created.

Should there be any residue after the above instructions are carried out.  I give and devise this residue to my dear niece, Madeline McDowell Breckinridge.

I hereby appoint my niece, Madeline McDowell Breckinridge, executor of this will and request the court to require no security from her upon her bond as such.

signed, Magdalen Harvey McDowell

*William Adair McDowell, physician, born near Danville, Kentucky, 21 March, 1795 was the Grandson of Samuel McDowell and the Nephew of Dr. Ephraim McDowell the noted " father of Ovariotomy."  Dr. Adair died in Louisville, Kentucky, 10 December, 1853.  He was educated at Washington college, Virginia, which he left to serve in the war of 1812. He studied medicine with his uncle Ephraim, with whom he practiced after receiving his degree from the medical department of the University of Pennsylvania in 1818. He devoted much time to the study of pulmonary consumption, and the result of his clinical observations was published in a monograph entitled
 "A Demonstration of the Curability of Pulmonary Consumption " (Louisville, 1843).

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