General John Buford

Head Quarters Army of the Potomac
Near Sharpsburg Md.
Office of Chief of Calvary
October 5th 1862


I did not attempt to transcribe this as there are too many instances where the handwriting is rather 'iffy'.  I did notice that Capt Keogh is mentioned.  Capt Keogh is the man who escorted John to Washington when he fell ill and the man who was with John when he died.  He was also among the escort to West Point where John is buried.  Captain Keogh died at the battle of "The Little Big Horn" while riding one of the horses (Comanche) purchased from CSA General Abe Buford's farm, Bosque Bonita in Kentucky.  Abe Buford is John's cousin.  To read a little story about General Abe Buford click here: 
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