Louis M. Buford

New Haven, Connecticut
June 29, 1907

Louis M. Buford, a mining engineer of Mexico, and father of Charles Buford, a director of the Mexican Central railroad, died in a parlor car on the Bay State limited express for Boston to-day.  Mr. Buford landed in New York from the steamer Galveston last night.  He was accompanied by his sister, Mrs. Edson.  The body was sent to Rock Island, Illinois.

From my 2005 Buford Families in America book - Page 393;

Louis M. Buford was a son of Charles Buford, founder of the Rock Island Plow works, and was prominently identified with the early history of Rock Island. There were four sons, Louis M., Basil D., George and Charles, the three last named having been dead some years. Louis was a major inthe Civil War. There are four surviving sisters, Mrs. S. B. Edson of Washington, D. C. and the Misses Charlotte, Lucy and Blanche Buford now in Europe. Major Buford was formerly a consul to Mexico and had made his home in the Southwest many years, though frequently visiting with relatives in this city, his last visit being two years ago when he was suffering with heart disease.

He was 67 years old and leaves with his wife, four children, three sons and a daughter.  He was of charming personality, a gallant and genial gentleman whose friends loved him. Major Buford sailed from Galveston a week ago for New York, being then in poor health.


BUFORD Families in America Book 2005

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