John C. McDowell Jr.

Charlotte N.C. Observer
August 22, 1911

Passing of Mr. J. C. McDowell
Morgantown, August 21, --  On Friday, the 18th at 7p.m. John C. McDowell Jr., died at the home of his Uncle.  John C. McDowell being 22 years of age.  He spent much of his earlier life with W. A. Erwin of Durham.  His health seemed to be failing and his uncles, James and John McDowell sent him to New Mexico, where he spent a year and came home much benefited.  At the instance of a good woman of Morganton he had charge of a large farm in Alabama and came home last May much broken in health.  Consumption was the dread disease that whelmed him.  The dear boy showed in his every expression that he was in the sure grip of the grim monster.  His Uncle took him to his home on his return from Alabama and he and his good wife spared no pains nor expense to prolong the life of the boy they loved so well.  He was the youngest son of William B. and Elizabeth McDowell.  A young man of singular purity of heart and mind, gentle, genial and tender as a woman.




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