James Rice Buford

September 26, 1913
Farmington, Lawrenceville, Virginia

James Rice Buford, a member of Brunswick Camp of Confederate Veterans, died on September 26, 1913, at his home, "Farmington", near Lawrenceville, Virginia, in his sixty-ninth year.  He enlisted in June, 1863, as a member of the3d Virginia Cavalry, and served until the close of the war.  He was severely wounded in a cavalry skirmish near Aldie, VA., but as soon as his wound healed he returned to his command.  On account of his fine horsemanship and matchless daring he was often chosen to be bearer of dispatches to Gens. Fitzhugh Lee and "Jeb" Stuart.

Comrade Buford never married, but lived a life of ideal service and usefulness on the ancestral estate, making a home for his widowed mother and unmarried sisters.  Few men have been more beloved, and he numbered his friends in many states.

James Rice was born April 29, 1845;  the son of William Pegram and Lucy A. Rice Buford in the Parish of Nottoway, Amelia County, Virginia.  William Pegram was the son of Abram and Susan P. Buford.  The lovely Farmington estate is now the Country Club in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Many of the rooms and architecture have not been changed.  The Stables are now dressing rooms and lockers for the golfers and swimmers'.



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