I Believe ~


I believe the sun is still shinning even if it is hiding behind a cloud.
I believe the sun will come up tomorrow even if I am no longer here to see it.
I believe there are good people even when I hear nothing about them.
I believe there is Love even when I am all alone.
I believe that receiving friendship, respect or TRUE,
everlasting Love, will never be a bridge too far.
I believe there are animals in heaven Because I Want to.
I believe when you loose a loved one there will be that one fool who will tell you;
"Time heals all wounds."
I believe that if life becomes a lonely path -
God will always be there to take my hand.
I believe when a door in your life closes another will open even if it takes an eternity.
I believe there is a purpose in my life even if I know not what it is.
I believe in the promise of a Rainbow even if there is no 'pot of gold'.
I believe there is a God in heaven even though I cannot see Him.

Fern K. Buford Walker