Bismarck, Dakota Territory
February 2 1880

A Bloody Fight Between Two Bands of Indians on the Yellowstone

A Fort Buford special to the Bismarck Tribune today says;  On the 28th of March a band of Uncapapa Indians raided a Grosventre Camp near Glendiqe, captured a herd of ponies and crossed to the East side of the Yellowstone.  On the 29th a war party of Grosventres started out to recapture the stock, and at 11 o'clock p.m. after a ride of forty miles, overhauled the Uncapapa's camp yelling and chanting their war song.  They bid defiance to their enemies who fiercely attacked the camp.  A bloody battle ensued, fifteen being killed.  The stock was recaptured.  This morning a party of Grosventre braves, under Big Tail, leave to fight their enemies.  Great excitement prevails along the Yellowstone and there are fears of a general uprising.

Wm. Conners, a carrier between Keogh and Buford, was surrounded by Sioux and escaped after a hard chase.  He reached Morgan's ranch closely followed by his pursuers.  The ranch was surrounded and the inmates dared not leave.  This ranch is the repair station of the military telegraph line and is somewhat fortified.

A later report says the Indians retreated from Morgan's ranch and pitched their camp about four miles distant.  These warlike demonstrations argue well for a general uprising early in the Spring.


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