Hervey McDowell

The Morning Herald
November 7, 1901

Cynthiana, KY., November 6, 1901
To W. C. P. Breckinridge, care of the Herald, Lexington, KY:

Dr. Hervey McDowell died today.  Funeral Friday at one thirty o'clock.  He was Lieutenant Colonel of the Second Regiment-Orphan Brigade
R. M. Collier

The father of Hervey McDowell was an elder in the old First Presbyterian Church, of which at one time our father was pastor. When we were a very young man our boyhood acquaintance was renewed at Cynthiana and our friendship lasted through his life.  We served together in the old State Guard - he in the infantry and we in the cavalry.  He entered the Confederate army before we did and our respective service was in different branches - he in the infantry - we in the cavalry.  We have agreed during all these years in our political, religious and general views.  He was a superb man; this was his peculiar and delightful quality- his unsurpassed manhood.  He was excellent in all he undertook.  As a physician he was laborious, skillful, patient, courageous, trusted, beloved, respected.  As citizen he performed with punctilious fidelity every civic duty imposed upon him by his conscience and the interests of his fellow-citizens.  He was for many years connected with the public schools of Cynthiana and gave valuable time and broad intelligence to their aid.  He was loyal, sincere, frank - as a friend - true as steel and generous as true.  In every relation of life he was admirable and loving.  His service as a Confederate was splendid - in every possible way - in camp, on the march, in bivouac, in battle.  He came of a race of soldiers; his ancestors fought in every war in this country and in Europe for centuries and always fought heroically and with approved courage and prowess; he was the equal of the bravest and the best of those who bore that honored name and had in their veins that royal blood.

Tender and gentle, as brave men are, he spent his life doing kind acts and adding to the sum of human happiness.  And while this is severely true, yet when we recall him the uppermost quality was his superb manhood.  He was indeed a man simple, unostentatious, retiring, but of noblest courage and purest honor. 

He leaves behind him no nobler gentleman;  He meets above no loftier spirit.


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