You Know You're Taking Genealogy Too Seriously If...


You are the only person to show up at the cemetery research party with  a shovel.

 To put the "final touches" on your genealogical research, you've asked all of your closest relatives to provide DNA samples.

You were instrumental in having "non-genealogical use of the genealogy
room copy machine" classified as a federal hate crime.

Your house leans slightly toward the side where your genealogical
 records are stored.

You decided to take a two-week break from genealogy, and the U.S.
 Postal Office immediately laid off 1,500 employees.

Out of respect for your best friend's unquestioned reputation for
 honesty and integrity, you are willing to turn off that noisy
 surveillance camera while she reviews your 57 genealogical research
 notebooks in your home. The armed security guard, however, will remain.

You plod merrily along "refining" your recently published family
 history, blissfully unaware that the number of errata pages now far
 exceeds the number of pages in your original publication.

During an ice storm and power outage, you ignore the pleas of your
 shivering spouse and place your last quilt around that 1886 photograph of dear Uncle George.

The most recent document in your "Missing Ancestors" file is a 36-page
 contract between you and Johnson Billboard Advertising Company.

Ed McMahon, several TV. cameras and an envelope from Publishers
 Clearing House arrive at your front door on Super Bowl Sunday, and the first thing you say is, "Are you related to the McMahon's of Ohio?"

 "A Loving Family" and "Financial Security" have moved up to second and third, respectively, on your list of life's goals, but still lag far
 behind "Owning My Own Microfilm Reader."

 A magical genie appears and agrees to grant your three wishes and you ask that:

(1.)  The 1890 census be restored. 

( 2.)  The idiot who chose to have ONLY head of house listed on the  United States Census' until 1850 be exhumed and burned.

(3.) The genealogy fairy will redo all the Census’ during that period.

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