General John Buford

Letters to Major General R. Jones
Adj. Gen. of the U.S. Army
Washington City

Santa Fe, Mexico
May 31, 1851


    I have the honor to make an application for six months leave of absence to take effect from the time of my arrival in the United States.

    I have had no leave since October 1848 and since the 21st of March 1849.  I have been living on the plains and in this dep't.  Should this leave be granted please direct it to St. Louis, Mo.

    `                I am Very Respectfully,
                        Your Obt Sevt
                            Jno Buford
                                Lt. 2nd Dragoons

Gen. R. Jones
    Adgt Gen U.S.A

P.S.  About the 1st of July I shall start with Col Monroe for the U.S.  Should I not find the above application granted I will join Company at Fort Croghan, Texas.   

                        Jno Buford

Below you will find that Col. Monroe has written a note to accompany John's request for a leave of absence stating that John has preformed his duties in a very satisfactory manner and states he deserves a leave of absence. 




Rock Island, Illinois
December 22, 1851


    I have the honor to apply for an extension of one month to my leave of absence.

    My reason for this application are that since my arrival from New Mexico I have been confined either to my bed or room by sickness until 10 days since.  I wish to visit Washington City for the purpose of settling my accounts so that I may be able to draw my pay which has been stopped for sometime back.  At present I am so blocked in by ice and snow that it would require 25 or 30 days for me to join my company.

                    I am very Respectfully
                        Your Obedient Servant
                            John Buford
                                Lieutenant, 2nd Dragoons

Maj. Gen. R. Jones
    Adjt. Gen, U.S. Army
        Washington City

Below:  His leave of absence was granted for 5 months. 
Special order # 92

The following is the first notice that John
was ill dated November 6, 1851