Major G. Henry Buford

from the San Francisco Bulletin
February 16, 1887


Major G. Henry Buford of Yarnalton, a wealthy and prominent farmer, died at Lexington, KY. on Friday, February 4th.  Major Buford was a brother of General Abe Buford and also of Colonel Buford, who killed Judge Elliott of the Court of Appeals.  A singular fatality seems to have attached to this family.  Many years ago, before the war, Sinkley Buford, another brother, was shot and killed in the Court House at Versailles by George Carter.  General Abe Buford, depressed by the loss of his fortune, committed suicide in Indiana and Tom Buford, smarting under the conviction that he had been unjustly deprived of his legal rights by the courts, killed in the streets of Frankfort the lamented Elliott.  The death of Major Henry Buford removes the last of the brothers. They had one sister, Miss Mary Buford, who possessed the great courage and decision of character for which the family was noted.  The family was one of the earliest to locate in Kentucky, and from father to son had always been among the foremost supporters and patrons of the turf, having bred some of the finest thoroughbreds in America
-- Troy Times, Feb 5.

Again, a reporter has gone off the deep end writing about someone he knows nothing about.

Let me fill in some facts here if I may:

George Henry Buford was born May 4, 1827 at "Tree Hill" Woodford County, KY.  He married Sarah(Sallie) Fulton on the 9th of August, 1858.  George was the 13th and last child born to William and Frances Kirtley Buford.  William and Frances reared all 13 of their children to adulthood which was a rarity at the time of such a high rate of infant deaths.

In the article above, the reporter names one of George Henry's brothers as 'Sinkley'.  His name is Sinclair and yes, he was a known 'hot head' and the man who killed him was exonerated due to the fact that he acted in 'self defense'..


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