Francis Emmet Buford

This obituary was posted in
The Times Dispatch

Richmond, Virginia
Tuesday, March 16, 1909

Lawyer and Newspaper man dies at his home in Brunswick County.

Special to the Times Dispatch

Lawrenceville, Virginia, March 15, 1909
Judge Frais E. Buford died at his residence Sherwood, Brunswick county, this afternoon at 3 o'clock after a long illness.  He was a native of the county being born in 1836.  After obtaining his classical education at William and Mary and Richmond College he studied and graduated in law at the University of Virginia and afterwards began the practice of his profession associated with the late J. E. Shell of Lawrence.  While quite young he was elected the Commonwealth's Attorney of the county and with a brief intermission held this position for 16 years.  During the Civil War as Captain of a Brunswick Company was assigned to duty near Richmond, but after a brief service he was relieved owing to illness and detailed as enrolling officer at Lawrence.  After the war he was elected Judge of his county and served in that capacity for several years.


In 1890 Judge Buford retired from the active practice of his profession and established the Brunswick Gazette, one of the most popular publications of Southern Virginia.  In 18?? - 18?? he served a term in the Legislature.

Judge Buford possessed in an exceptional degree those qualities which are characteristic of the old type of the Virginian.  His native ability cultivated by his liberal education gave him a deep insight into men and into affaires but no less admirable was the kindly courtesy universally exhibited which had made for him a host of friends and admirers.

In early manhood Judge Buford married Miss Pattie Hicks, who, eight years ago preceded him to the grave.  He is survived by three sons and two daughters.

The funeral will take place at his late residence tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 o'clock.  The services will be conducted by his son-in-law, the Rev. Robert Strange, D. D.

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Francis was born November 17, 1836 to William Pegram and Lucy A Rice Buford.  William was born on the 20th of July 1807 and Lucy was born March 12, 1807.  Lucy was the daughter of Colonel William Rice of New Brunswick County, Virginia.  William was the son of Abraham "Abram" Buford and Susan Pegram Manson Ingram (a widow).  Francis Buford's great Grand Parents were William and Mary Ragsdale Buford.  William was the son of Henry and Frances Beauford
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