Emma Neely McDowell

taken from the
Charlotte Observer
October 27, 1915

Mrs. John M'Dowell has Passed away
Beloved Resident of Steele Creek succumbed Yesterday after a long Illness.
The funeral

Following a sudden attack, the culmination of a long illness, Mrs. Emma Neely McDowell died yesterday morning at 3:30 o'clock at her home in Steele Creek.  Mrs.. McDowell had been in ill health for the past two years, having been confined to her home during the greater portion of this period.  The acute illness which preceded death had been a matter of but 24 hours, Mrs. McDowell sinking rapidly after the appearance of the attack.

The wife of Mr. John McDowell, one of the most prominent men in Mecklenburg County, the deceased was know and loved throughout the length and breadth of Mecklenburg, possessing a large family connection in both the city and county.  She was born in Steele Creek Township in 1860, being 55 years old.  Prior to her marriage, she was Miss Emma Neely daughter of the late Mr. Star Neely and Mrs. Jane Price Neely.

In addition to her husband, Mrs. McDowell is survived by three sons and four daughters:  Messrs, Robert McDowell of Chicago, Ill., John McDowell of Richmond, VA., and Frank McDowell at present stationed at Wadesboro in the service of the State Department of Agriculture;  Mesdames A. J. Allen of Salisbury, and J. F. Collins of Spartanburg, and Misses Elva and Grace McDowell of Steel Creek.  Two brothers, Masers, Frank Neely of Steele Creek, and Price Neely of St. Mary's Georgia and two sisters, Mrs. Anna Bell and Miss Nannie Neely, both of Charlotte also survive.  There are two half-sisters, Mesdames' Maggie Stavey of Clo9ver, S.C. and John Berry, also of S. C..

The innate sweetness of her nature, with her long life of charity and love, had combined in Mrs. McDowell to consummate a character of such gentle radianc e and inherent strength, that its influence had long been an inspiration in the community which had known her since birth.  In charity, she was ever in the forefront of its activities, and in religious circles she had long been a power.  Adhering ever to the loftiest ideals and pursuing always the sweet, gentle and true promptings of her remarkable character, she was truly a woman of notable works.  Her charming  hospitality in the charming McDowell home is well known to the many who have been beneath this welcoming roof and observed the simple purity and Christian influence of its surroundings.  Since childhood, Mrs. McDowell had been a member of Stele Creek Presbyterian Church, where her strength and staunch spirit had made her one of its chief and most active supporters.

The funeral will be held at 10 o'clock this morning from Steele Creek Church and will be conducted by the pastor, Rev. J. W. Orr.  The interment will be in the adjacent cemetery.

Mr. John McDowell from Richmond reached the city last night.  Mr. Frank McDowell reached the city yesterday.  Many friends and relatives from this city will attend the funeral this morning.


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