Yesterday vs Today


When I went to school (eons ago), self esteem and pride came
when your homework and tests came back to you
without a bunch of RED writing
and slashes on it.
When we misbehaved we got a spanking or the back of our hands
slapped with a ruler.  Yeah, REALLY, no kidding.
I was an uncontrollable giggler in my day and
had my hands slapped with a ruler quite
a number of times. 
The number of slaps given was decided by the degree of
disruption you caused.  When I went home I had to hide
the backs of my hands because it was a telltale sign
that: "yeah Mom, I did it again."  Extra chores is usually
what my Mom punished me with. 
For her to call a lawyer was unthinkable. 
To disrupt an entire classroom was an unforgivable offence.
I would have the entire classroom either laughing with me
or at me and I paid the price.
We stood tall every morning with our hand over our hearts
and proudly recited the "Pledge of Allegiance" with the knowledge that:
Yes, America was the greatest country on this earth. 
Our teachers taught us this -
There was no 'apologizing' for America's GREATNESS.
It was an honor to be chosen to hold the beloved Stars and Stripes
and attach it to the flag pole and pull the rope to raise the flag.
I still get Goose-bumps every time I see my country's
flag raised and tears run down my cheeks when
I listen to an entire stadium or hall sing
"The Star Spangled Banner."
I know all the words, do you?
A moment of silence was observed for those who wished to say a prayer.
Most of us just prayed that we got moved to the next grade level.
We knew the "Ten Commandments" by heart.
The memory of those times still brings with it a large smile and a little giggle. 
(I keep a ruler handy at all times -
A really good giggle session is good for the soul.)

I can remember a time when we were all Americans.
It didn't matter where you came from or what color your skin was.

If you lived here in America it was because you chose to live here
because it was better than where we were born..
We gladly accepted the American way of life and felt privileged to be called;
"An American"
Some of us are descendents of emigrants who came here mainly for
religious freedom and a better way of life. 
Mine go all the way back to 1622.
Members of my family have fought in every war for our freedom since the
Revolutionary War.  I'm proud of that and will apologize to NO ONE -
Because I am an American
Fern K. Buford Walker

"It is the duty of parents to maintain their children decently,
and according to their circumstances;
to protect them according to the dictates of prudence;
and to educate them according to the suggestions of a judicious and
zealous regard for their usefulness, their respectability and happiness."
James Wilson, Lectures on Law, 1791



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