Versailles, Kentucky

This working farm is still in "the family" as of 2002.
The 'talk' in town is that it is being considered as the site of a new MALL.
How deplorable!!!!

Please refer to page 609, in my new BUFORD book, to read about the original owners of Edgewood.  My Great Grand Aunt Martha McDowell Buford
and Willis Jones.  Their story is a very sad one and
would rank right up there with another "Gone with the Wind" story.

Photographs below were taken by Jerry L. Walker 2002

Front gate

Main House ~ It is actually much larger than it looks
being built with a large "L" in the back.

Slave Quarters and "Spring or Ice House"

Slave Quarters

Martha McDowell Buford Jones

Willis Field Jones


BUFORD Families in America Book 2005

Addendum to Buford Book 2005






And my ALL-TIME favorite ~ TRIVIA



             ~~~Clouds by Torie~~~