D. B. McDowell

The Morning Herald
Lexington, Kentucky
April 18, 1903

Death comes to former citizen of Lexington, Kentucky
Mr. D. B. McDowell

Mr. D. B. McDowell, formerly of this city, died at the Good Samaritan Hospital yesterday at noon.  For the past two years Mr. McDowell had been involved(?) in the wholesale mercantile business in Spartanburg, S. C. and during the past winter was stricken with a violent attack of pneumonia.  H remained for many weeks in a critical condition at the hotel in that city.  Recently he had so far recovered that his friends concluded to bring him to this city, in the hope that the change would benefit him.

He arrived in this city Monday morning and was taken to the Good Samaritan Hospital but despite the hope of his friends he gradually grew worse, and for the past few days all hope was abandoned.

Mr. McDowell was well known in this city and was for many years the Southern sale agent for the Lexington Roller Mills Company with which he was then connected.  He was a native of Richmond, KY and was related to may of the most prominent families of Kentucky being a Nephew of the Hon. Charles Breck of Richmond, and a cousin of the late Mr. Lyman Beecher Todd*.  His father was William C. McDowell and his mother Mrs. Bettie Breck McDowell.

The remains were removed to the residence of Mrs. L. B. Todd, No. 355 East Main street, where the funeral services will be held today at 2:30 o'clock.  Burial in Lexington cemetery.  Dean Lee officiating.

Mr. McDowell was a man of the strictest integrity, courteous and kind in all his relations in life, and had bound to himself a large circle of devoted friends, to each of whom his death will be a personal loss.  In his friendships no man was ever more loyal and those who had the privilege of his attachments found in him the highest type of disinterested devotion.

*A note of interest;
Lyman Beecher Todd was a physician as well as Mary Todd Lincoln's cousin and close friend. He was graduated from Jefferson Medical School in Philadelphia (1854). Todd was a Union man and was postmaster of Lexington, Kentucky. Lyman Todd was at Lincoln's bedside after the assassination and lay dying.



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