Guess where the phrase "King of the Mountain" came from...

We watched these goats (about 15 of them in this particular herd)
for about 45 minutes.  During that time, none of the little goats
challenged the one lying on the huge
boulder - very unusual - it may have been hurt.  It never stood up
while we were there.  We were not as close to the goats as it looks.
We used zoom lenses - the goats totally ignored us.

This is a 'Bristlecone Pine'. 
It greatly resembles my "Family Tree"
Rugged and still standing proud
after many hard storms.

This is a young "Yellow Bellied Marmot."
He was not named "Yellow Belly" because he was a "Wimp."

An Adult Yellow Bellied Marmot.

An old 'experienced-tough' Billy
Notice the broken horn.

I have a lot more of Mount Evans - Let me know
if you want to see more or want a copy of one
I have posted.

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