Colonel Abraham Buford

Terms of Capitulation offered Col. Buford Previous to his Masscre on Monday the 29th of May 1780

From Ben Tarlton L.C.C.B.L.

Resistance being in vain, to prevent the effusion of blood, I make offers which never can be repeated.  You are now almost incompassed by a corps, consisting of artillery, and 700 light troops on horseback, half of which numer are calvry, and Earl Cornwallis is within a short march, with 9 British battalions.  I warn you of temerity, of further inimical proceedings, especially when I held out the following conditions which are hereby the same accwepted by Charlestown.  But if any person of any denomination, attempts to leave your army after this flag is received, rest assured that be the fugitives of any rank or dignity, the shall experience hostile treatment.

Article 1
All officers to be prisoners of war, but admitted to parole, and allowed to return to their habitations till exchanged.

Article 2
All continental soldiers to go to Lampriere's Point or any neighbouring post, and remain there as prisoners of war till exchanged.  To be allowed provisions as good as British soldiers.

Article 3
All militia soldiers to be permitted to return to their habitations on parole.

Article 4
All arms, amunition, stores and artillery, provisions, waggons, horses, etc. to be faithfully delivered.

Article 5
All Officers to be allowed their privat baggage and horses, and to have their side arms returned.


I expect an answer to these propositions in half an hour; if they are accepted, you will order every person under your command to pile his arms in one hour; if you do not receive those terms, the blood be on your head.  I have the honor to be, sir, with proper respect, your most obedient servant.
Ben Tarlton, L.C.C.B.L.


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