Colonel Christian
"Indian News"

The Williamsburg, Pennsylvania Ledger
November 30, 1776

Williamsburg, November 15,
Last night an express arrived from Col. Christian, with letter to the Governor, dated October 23, giving an account of his having passed the Tenesee river on the 18th of that month, without any molestation, from the enemy, and after marching through several Indian towns, at length arrived safely in the Island Town, the lowermost but one on the river, which he found had been precipitately abandoned, the Indians having only had time to carry off their clothes and the best of their household goods, with which they pushed off in canoes down the Tenesee.  They left behind them their horses, cattle, hogs, fowls, and even dogs, with their whole crops of corn and [Potatoes which the Colonel learned was a very great one.  He EXPECTED AT HIS CAMP IN THE ISLAND TOWN, AS NEXT DAY, THE RAVEN WARRIOR OF CHOATE, OUCANASTOTA, THE Little carpenter, AND A NUMBER OF OTHER CHIEFS; HAVING GIVEN THEM TO UNDERSTAND, THAT IF THEY DID NOT IMMEDIATELY COME IN AND MAKE SUBMISSION, AND AGREE TO SUCH TERMS AS HE SHOULD DEEM TO BE REASONABLE, THAT HE WOULD LAY WASTE ALL THE TOWNS, AND PURSUE THEIR FUGITIVE COUNTRYMEN AS FAR AS THE CREEK NATION.

The COLONEL THINKS IT PROBABLE HE MAY ENTER INTO A TREATY WITH THEM, AS HE HAS GOOD REASON TO BELIEVE THAT ALL THE OLD WARRIORS HAD BEEN AVERSE TO THE WAR, AND THAT THE REST WERE STIRRED UP BY Cameron, BY BRIBES AND THREATS.  two OF HIS SCOUTS, ON THE ROAD TO Hywassee found an old woman and two children in the woods, almost famished with hunger and cold, having been out six days and nights without fire or provisions of any kind except berries and haws.  The soldiers took compassion upon the poor wretches, made them a fire and gave them victuals.  The also met a young man who had lost his wife, and was then in search of her; they called to him to come to them, on which he cuffed his gun and came up.  He informed that the villain Cameron pushed off to the Creek Nation as soon as he heard Col. Christian had crossed Broad River.


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