Judge Charles R. McDowell

The Lexington Herald
August 22, 1916

Prominent Danville Attorney
Member of one of the old families of the state.

Danville, KY., August 21 - Judge Charles R. McDowell, 59 years old, of this city, died in Kansas City today where he has been visiting relatives, after a long illness of Brigt's disease.  Before making his trip West he seemed somewhat stronger.

Judge McDowell was a member of one of the oldest families in this section of the state and for many years was one of the leading members of the Boyle County Bar.  He represented the Louisville and Nashville and Southern railroads in Boyle County and was an active Democrat, at one time being attorney for the State Insurance Board.

Surviving him are his wife, who was Miss Sanders of Louisville, and three sons.  Judge McDowell was a nephew of the late Judge Emmett Field, of Louisville, and was also a first cousin of Judge William H. Field and Judge James Quarles of Louisville.  He was well known throughout the state.


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