Charles H. Buford Jr.

January 31, 1913

Charles H. Buford
Dead from Poison

Railroad Man Suicides at Omaha,
Leaving Pathetic Note to His Mother in New Orleans
Omaha, Nebraska, January 30 --
Charles H. Buford of 1507 Prytania Street, New Orleans, committed suicide here last night by drinking a huge potion of carbolic acid.  The body is in care of the coroner.  According to the police surgeon, Buford drank enough of the poison to kill a dozen men.

Buford had been working for the Illinois Central Railroad, and yesterday went to his hotel, registered, wrote a letter to his mother, Mrs. Ellen Buford, of New Orleans; carefully washed his hands and then drank the poison.

The letter to his mother reads:

"To my mother, Mrs. Ellen M. Buford, 1507 Prytania Street , New Orleans:  My Dear Mother - You may consider this a cowardly and bitter deed, but I still believe you yet think I am one of yoour offspring.  My dear mother, you will not see Charlie on earth again.  Do not worry over my destiny - I fear nothing.  I will die as I have always lived.  Death ends all.  It is a dose hard to take, but when you feel that the body of the family on both sides is against a person, what alternative can you have?  With a broken heart, I will always be your dutiful son CHARLIE.

News is Shock to Mother

The broken-hearted mother bore up bravely under the shock when she learned that her son had committed suicide in Omaha.  Mrs. Buford, who spends the winters in New Orleans, is boarding at 1507 Prytania, and received a telegram from Coroner Willis Crosby, Omaha, yesterday evening.

Due to the fact Mrs. Buford has suffered a nervous shock, and because of an indisposition, she will not go to Omaha to attend her son's funeral.

Charles was the third child born to Ellen Matthews and Charles H. Buford Sr..  He was born August 15th, 1866.  He married Maggie Baker (born November 6, 1869) on the 23rd of September 1890.


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