Charles Gordon McDowell

Charlotte N.C. Observer

October 31, 1907

Mr. Charles Gordon McDowell

Whose death occurred October 28th, 1907, at Granite Falls, was a citizen of Henderson County, N.C., where he was born January 27, 1817, consequently within three months he could have been 91 years of age.

In the passing away of one who has lived honorably and worthily for more than a period of ninety years, there is involved a feeling beyond that with which the public learns of deceased at a ordinary age.  The nonagenarian has been a link between the past and present, and has had an ever increasing store of valuable and interesting recollections.  In such a person, let us say "personage" there are more than the common individual qualities that may claim friendly regard, for the aggregations of years are rich with wisdom and the windows of the soul can but have widened to a great out-look.

The subject of this sketch was a splendid type of grand old age - tall, erect, clear skinned, vigorous.  He needed neither glasses to aid his vision nor cane to lean upon.  His end was peaceful; he has left precious remembrances in the hearts of all his relations because of his great fondness for every one connected with him by consanguinity.  He was the son of A. A. McDowell, and his wife Miss Annie B. Gordon who was the daughter of Major Charles Gordon of Wilkes County, and Grand daughter of General William Lenoir.  General McDowell's father was Colonel Charles McDowell of Quaker Meadows, Burke County.  General Charles McDowell was the officer who held highest rank at King's Mountain.  Major Gordon was badly wounded and General Lenoir, as a captain under Cleveland, had his queue shot off at the same battle.  Mr. McDowell and his only sister, Mrs. James C. Harper, of Hickory, N.C. are members of patriotic families for whom two counties of the state are named.  They inherited a very large landed estate from General McDowell on the French Broad River.  The splendid Westfield property belonged to Mrs. Harper and the ancestral home was still the home of Mr. McDowell who has just passed away, while visiting his daughter, Mrs. P. G. Moore at Granite Falls.  The deceased gentleman will be buried at Patty's chapel, near Fletchers, beyond Asheville.

His children are Mr. J. A. McDowell, of Winston, who came to go with the remains;  Dr. Charles H. McDowell of Waynesville;  Mr.. A. Jones McDowell, of Fletchers;  Mrs. Clough Rice, Mrs. Burnett, Mrs. A. J. Reeves, of South Carolina, and Mrs. John Reid, of Alabama;  With Mrs. Moore, who was a Miss. Jones, died some years ago after they had celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary.



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