Charles A. Buford

This obituary was posted in
The Dallas (Texas) Morning News
January 31, 1924

Charles A. Buford, 74 years old, died Wednesday at his home on King's Road.  He is survived by his wife, two sons, F. S. Buford of Dallas and C. A. Buford Jr., four daughters Misses Jeanette and Laura Buford of Dallas, Mrs. D. H. Ingram and Mrs. T. J. Barfield of Dallas.  Funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock on Thursday afternoon at the residence.  Burial will be in Grove Hill Cemetery.  Pall bearers will be W. B. Seymour, P. S. Perry, T. J. Barvield, SD. H. Ingram, F. S. Buford and J. P. Hopkinson.

Miss Jeanette Buford

This death notice for the daughter of Charles A. Buford
was posted in the Dallas Morning News
November 21, 1958

Miss Jeanee (Jeanette) Buford, 3922 Holland. Survived by sisters, Mrs. T. J. Barfield, Decatur, Georgia, Miss Laura Buford, Dallas, Brother Charles A. Buford, Dallas, Texas.


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