BUFORD, Paschal and Frances Otey
the sixth (6) child and son of
Henry Buford and Mildred Blackburn

Fern K. Buford Walker
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When researching the children of Paschal Buford and wife Frances it was impossible not to notice
the same warm sterling character that Paschal passed on to each of his children.  It takes a very strong Mother and Father of moral character to make such an indelible impression on everyone of their children.  I found this same warm, moral character when researching my line from my gggGrandfather Abraham Buford who was Henry Buford's brother.  It is the long gone and virtually forgotten art of Chivalrousness that is a rarity in today’s world.

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10 Children  (6-a thru 6-i):

(6-a)  James Hervey Buford and Neeta Buford – Twins born July 6, 1821 children of Henry and Mildred Blackburn Buford.  Neeta died August 26, 1821. 

James was a very large man in stature as well as heart.. He was very much like his father in temperament – Chivalrous and kind but strong in his opinions which he voiced without hesitation.  He was loyal to his friends and family as well as  a fair and honest man with a distinct dislike for ostentatious  behavior.  He lived his life in the area in which he was born – in the shadow of the lovely Blue Ridge Mountains at Bufordville, Virginia.  He lived to the age of 93, dying on August 30, 1914. 

He was a deputy sheriff in his youth and Resident Engineer for the Norfolk & Western Railway.  He was a partner in the Iron Works at Cripple Creek, Wythe County, Virginia.  He married Lucy E. Hanson on the 8th of October, 1857.  She was the daughter of William H. Hanson of Wytheville, Virginia. They had the following children:

 (6-a-1)  Paschal Buford  born November 14, 1858 at Wytheville,  Virginia.  He married Ella Mize of Bryan, Texas in 1894.  They had Two children:

    (6-a-1,a)  Julia Catherine Buford born November 18, 1895.     Julia married Oscar  Downing Hudnall of Austin, Texas in 1913.  Oscar was born in 1873 in Mississippi.  I found Julia and Oscar in the 1920 U. S. Census living in Austin, Travis County, Texas in the home of Julia’s parents Paschal and Ella Mize Buford.  Paschal Sr. is listed as being 60 years old and his wife Ella is 43 years old.  Paschal Buford Jr. (Below) is now 17 years old.  Julia is 25 and her husband Oscar is 45.  If you are looking for these people in the 1920 census look for Plase Buford instead of Paschal and Paschal Jr. is spelled Pease.  Oscar Hudnall is spelled Omar.  Grrrrr…..  Paschal has a home business of being an electrician and Ella works in a department store as a saleslady.  Oscar is a chief of something in the railroad office and Ella is at home.  No children.

The 1930 Census has them still living in Austin, Texas.  Paschal and Ella are no longer with them and neither is Paschal Jr.  Oscar is now 57 years old and Julia is 35.  It is obvious this couple never had children or at least none that made it through the tough years.

Oscar Downing Hudnall died in Travis County, Texas on the 5th of October 1932. Certificate 44367 

(6-a-1,b)  Paschal Mize Buford born March 18, 1898 in Marshal, Texas.

(6-a-2)  Katherine Buford born and died on the 23rd of May 1860. 

(6-a-3)  William Hanson Buford  Sr., son of James Hervey and Lucy Hanson Buford was born April 25, 1862 in Bedford County, Virginia.  He was willed the old homestead of his great Grandfather Henry Buford and Grandfather Paschal located at Bufordville, Virginia.  William married Willie Lawrence Wilson on the 1st of June 1896.  Willie was the daughter of John and Sallie Wilson of Bedford County, Virginia.  

In 1900 the Federal census lists this family living in Lisbon, Bedford County, Virginia.  William is 37 years old and Willie (spelled Willer) is 32 putting her birth year about 1868.  They have one child, a son named James L. Buford aged two years.  William is farming. 

1910 the Census has them still in Lisbon, Bedford County, Virginia.  William is now 47 years old and Willie is 42 years old.  Their family has grown some – they now have four children:  James L. Buford is 11 years old – Katherine B. Buford is 8 years old – Lucy B. Buford is 5 years old and Sallie W. Buford is 3 years old.  William is still farming,

The 1920 census shows them still living in Lisbon, Bedford County, Virginia.  The family is still intact with one addition and that is Margaret L. B. Cobb aged 85, William’s Aunt who stays with them until her death.  William is now 57 and Willie has aged ten years as well being 52.  Hmmmm, how time fly’s when your having fun!!!  James L. Buford is now 21 – Katherine B. Buford is 17 – Lucy H. Buford is 15 and Sallie W. is 13.

The census for 1930 has the family still on the old BUFORD homestead of Locust Level.  William is 67 – Willie is 62 and James L. is now 30 years old with a wife named Frances E. age 27 putting her birth year about 1903.  James and Frances were married in 1926 and so far are childless.  Daughters of William and Willie; Lucy and Sallie are still listed in the household aged 24 and 22.  Aunt Margaret is now deceased and sleeping in the old Buford Cemetery.

They had five children (6-a-3,a thru e):

    (6-a-3,a)  William Hanson Buford Jr. born April 17, 1897 and died June 7, 1898.

  (6-a-3,b)  James Lawrence Buford born September 2, 1898.

  (6-a-3,c)  Katherine Burr Buford born January 3, 1902.

  (6-a-3,d)  Lucy Hanson Buford born May 18, 1904.

(6-a-3,e)  Sally Wilson Buford born June 18, 1906.

(6-a-4)  Stuart Buford  son of James Hervey Buford and Lucy E. Hanson Buford was born July 23, 1864.  He married  Frances Otey Buford a cousin and daughter of Isaac Henry Buford of Pulaski County, Virginia.  In the 1930 Census this couple was living at Bedford, Bedford County, Virginia.  Stuart is 65 years old and working as a “Postmaster” and a home based repair shop.  Frances (Frannie O.) is 61 years old putting her birth year at about 1869.  Something very unusual and rather amusing to me is that Frances is listed as being “Head of House”.  I laughed out loud when I read that – First time I have ever seen the wife listed as head of house. 

(6-a-5)  Annie Graham Buford  daughter of James and Lucy Hanson Buford was born August 12, 1866.  She married Henley Gruber Henderson Jr. at Montvale (Bufordville), Virginia.  He was the son of Judge Henry Gruber and Elizabeth Alexander Henderson of Sequin, Texas.  They had two children:

(6-a-5,a)  Lucy Buford Henderson born November 24, 1898 at Sequin, Texas.  Lucy married H. D. Kilmer of Baltimore, Maryland on the 20th of July, 1923.

(6-a-5,b)  Annie Isabelle Henderson born July 11, 1900 at Montvale (Bufordville) Virginia.

(6-a-6)  Abraham Buford  son of James Hervey Buford and Lucy  H. Buford was born September 30, 1868.  He married Lucy Montague of Leonard, Missouri on March 23, 1908.  They had three children.

(6-a-6,a)  Julia Katherine Buford born March 15, 1909 in Knox County, Missouri. 

(6-a-6,b)  James Blackburn Buford born June 8, 1911 in Knox County Missouri.

(6-a-6,c)  Isabelle Buford born February 20, 1913 in Shelby County, Missouri.

Oh Goodie, another puzzle.  The 1920 U. S. Federal Census for Fabius, Knox County, Missouri has Julia Buford age 10 and Isabelle Buford age 5 living with Isabelle Montague a widow woman age 58.  Both Lucy Buford and Isabelle Buford are listed as Isabelle Montague’s Grand Daughters.  The other members of this household are;  Jesse Montague age 29 who is Isabelle’s unwed daughter.  Another daughter is Lucy Montague Swango age 27 who is now married to Willis Swango age 32 and their young son Willis Swango who is not a year old yet.  No sign of James Blackburn Buford OR Abraham Buford and his wife Lucy Montague Buford.  The census states the widow Isabelle owns the farm the family is living on and Willis Swango is helping her farm the land.  Good boy!!.  Willis registered for the WWW I draft #1683396.

(6-a-7)  Katherine Hanson Buford daughter of James Hervey and Lucy Hanson Buford was born April 20, 1871.  She married Harry M. Peeples on the 29th of October, 1895.  They lived in San Marcos, Texas.  Katherine Buford Peeples died in Dallas County, Texas the 17th of October 1959.

(6-a-8)  Bettie Burke Buford born November 7, 1875.  Bettie never married.  She chose a career working for the United States Treasury in Washington D.C.  The 1920 census lists her living in the home of Marien and Bettie Noell as a boarder aged 40 (I think this should be 46) and in 1930 she is living in the home of Pauline L. Jones age 60 and Bettie is now listed as being 56.  Pauline is no longer working but Bettie is still working. 

(6-a-9)  James Otey Buford  son of James Hervey Buford and Lucy Hanson Buford was born March 9, 1876.  He married Bonnie Bell Stowers of Fort Worth, Texas on January 22, 1913.   James Otey Buford died August 2, 1919 in the Sanitarium at Battle Creek, Michigan.  Bonnie Bell died on the 28th of October 1932 in Harris County, Texas.  They had only one child; Susie Stowers Buford born June 8, 1914.

(6-a-10) Julia Buford born October 1, 1878 – died May 17, 1879.  Julia was the twin of Agnes below….

(6-a-11) Agnes Buford born and died October 1, 1878. 

(6-a-12) Robert Graham Buford  son of James Hervey and Lucy H. Buford was born April 3, 1881.  He married Mabel Hillyer Stokes on June 30, 1914 at San Antonio, Texas.  Mabel was born on the 2nd of July 1883 and died in April 1977.  Robert registered for the World War One draft at Dallas, Texas. 

In 1910 the census has Robert living with his brother Paschal in Austin, Texas.  He is 29 years old, single and working for the Rail Road.

The 1930 census has them living in Dallas, Texas.  Robert is 49 years old and Mabel is 45.  Also living in this household is Mabel’s Mom, Junius Hillyer aged 80.  Robert is working for the railroad.

(6-b)  Mildred Elizabeth Buford the daughter of Paschal Buford and Frances Otey Buford was born November 19, 1822.  She married the Honorable Edward C. Burks on the 15th of October 1845.  Edward was born about 1821.

Edward was a graduate of the now Washington and Lee University in 1841 with the highest honors in his class.  He then went to law school at the University of Virginia and graduated in 1842 and prepared to practice law in his native town of Liberty/Bedford, Bedford County, Virginia.  He served in the Virginia state Legislature during 1861-62 & 63.  In 1875 he was elected by the General Assembly to a branch of the Supreme Court.  In 1891 he was president of the Virginia Bar Association.  1895 he was editor of the Virginia Law Journal.  Edward died in Bedford/Liberty, Virginia on the 4th of July 1897. 

Edward owned five slaves in 1850.  In the 1850 U. S. Census Edward was 29 years old and Betsy (Mildred Elizabeth) was 27 years old.  Daughter Frances C. (Fanny) was two years old putting her birth year at about 1848.  Edward C. was only a year old making his birth year about 1849.  Edward is listed as being an Attorney.  

The 1970 U. S. Federal Census has the Burks family living in Liberty, Bedford County, Virginia.  The family consists of Edward C. Burks age 49 – Mildred Elizabeth Buford Burks age 47 – Edward C. J. Burks age 21 – Margaret L. Burks age 13  -  Elizabeth B. Burks is 15 - Martin P. Burks age 19 -  Paschal  Buford Burks age 17 – Rowland Burks age 11.  Frances Claiborne Burks was married in 1869 so is no longer in this household 

Mildred and Edward had seven children:  (6-b-1 thru 6-b-7)

(6-b-1)  Frances Claiborne Burks who married John S. Kasey on April 14, 1869.  They had four children (6-b-1,a) thru (6-b-1,d):

(6-b-1,a)  Kate Singleton Kasey  married John S. Burks on December 31, 1890.  They had two children: Buford Singleton Burks and John Sale Burks

(6-b-1,b)  Margaret Burks Kasey married James Elliott Walmsley.  They had two children:  1) Margaret Walmsley who married Joseph Louis Bellus and they had one daughter; Margaret Walmsley Bellus. 2)  Frances Walmsley.

(6-b-1,c)  Bettie Buford Kasey married George W. Schenk on the 14th of January 1909.  They had four children:  1)  Mary Buford Schenk  2)  George Winston Schenk  3)  Bessie Singleton Schenk  4)  John Beryl Schenk.

(6-b-1-d)  Louise Claiborne Kasey married William Vincent Jordan on February 24, 1911.  They had two children:  1)  Frances Elizabeth Jordan  2)  Louise Claiborne Jordan

(6-b-2)  Edward C. Burks Jr. the son of Mildred Elizabeth Buford and Edward C. Burks Sr. married Josephine Porterfield Bell on March 5, 1875.  They had three children:  1)  Orville Burks   2)Gladding Burks who died  July 21, 1887  3)  Edward C. Burks III married Virginia McClaren Mosby and had four children 1-a)  Josephine Bell Burks  1-b)  Virginia Mosby Burks  1-c)  Elizabeth Gladding Burks  1-d)  Nancy Stuart Burks

(6-b-3)  Martin Parks Burks married Roberta Gamble Bell on December 31, 1874.  Martin began studying at the Washington and Lee University at the tender age of 15.  From there he went on to study Law at the University of Virginia at Charlottesville completing the two year requirement in just one year.  He began practicing law at Liberty, Virginia.  In 1899 he accepted the position of Law Professor at Washington and Lee University and advancing to Dean of Washington and Lee University’s Law School in 1903.  1914 – 1917 he and two other lawyers were appointed by the governor to revise the Code of Virginia.  He was elected one of the judges of the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia.

The census for 1910 has Martin and Roberta living in Lexington, Roanoke County, Virginia.  Martin is 59 as is Roberta. There is a Josephine Withers listed as being 58 years old and the sister-in-law to Martin plus Josephine’s son Martin B. Withers age 20.  A little 14 year old girl named Mary Hill is living there and is listed as “help”.

The 1920 Census has them still living in Lexington, Virginia.  Martin is now 68 years old and Roberta is 66(?).  There is a Marion O. Clayton age 65 living with them.  Marion is a sister-in-law to Martin.  Martin is listed as being a Judge. 

Martin and Roberta had two children:  1)  Elizabeth Gladdiing Burks who died in 1890 and  2) Martin Parks Burks Jr. was born about 1884.   He married Miss Laura O. __?__.  I found Martin and Laura in the 1910 Census for Johnson Ward 4, Washington, Tennessee.  Martin is 28 years old and Laura is 27.  Martin is a lawyer.

The 1920 Census has them back in Virginia living at Independent City.  Martin is now 37 years old and Laura is 35.  They now have three children;  Martin P. Burks age 9 – Albert Burks age 8 – Laura  Burks age one.  Martin is practicing Law.

The 1930 Census has this family living in Roanoke, Virginia.  Martin is 46 years old – his wife Laura M. Burks is 44 – Martin Pala(?) Burks is 20 – Albert D. Burks is 18 – Laura M. Burks is 12 and Edward C. Burks is 9 years old.  This nine year old Edward C. Burks was born August 5, 1922 in Virginia and died October 1, 2003 in Middletown, Butler County, Ohio. (Social Security Death Index)  He enlisted in the Army during WWII while living in Hawaii, November 16, 1942.

  (6-b-4)   Paschal Buford Burks died unknown and was never  married.

  (6-b-5)  Elizabeth Blackburn Burks married Alexander Spottwood Payne on June 15, 1887.  They had one child, a daughter named Nora Payne who married William Ragland Hill in 1920.  Nora and William had a son named Russell Spottwood Hill.  The 1930 Census has this family living in Danville, Virginia.  William R. Hill is 52 and Nora Payne Hill is 41.  They have a son named Russell S. Hill age 9.  Nora and William were married about 1919 - not sure because the census is difficult to read.  Nora is a teacher.

  (6-b-6)  Margaret Burks died unknown & unmarried.

  (6-b-7)  Rowland Burks married Miss Eliza F. Lloyd and they had one daughter Eliza Fontaine Burks

(6-c)  John Quincy Adams Buford was the son of Paschal Buford and Frances Otey Buford.  He was born July 29, 1824 and died on the 8th of June, 1874.  John married Jane Smith Terry on February 12, 1857.  They were married at the Terry home of Oakwood.  Jane was born July 8, 1830 the daughter of William R. Terry and Adelaide Terry.  Jane died January 16, 1876.

John was a contractor in the construction of the Norfolk and Western Railroad.  I have over 90 letters belonging to John and will post them as time permits.

John and Jane had four children:

  (6-c-1)  Harry Buford born February 24, 1858 and died June 29, 1897. 

  (6-c-2)  Mary Terry Buford born June 17, 1859 and died September 7, 1918.  She married Henry Vincent Jordan on December 4, 1879.  Children:

(6-c-2,a)  John Buford Jordan born September 28, 1880.  John married a Miss Pattie __?__ December 18, 1907.  one daughter named Pattie Matthews Jordan.

(6-c-2,b)  Lucy Jordan born February 22, 1882 and died August 7, 1882.

(6-c-2,c)  George C. Jordan born May 11, 1883 and died December 5, 1916.

(6-c-2,d)  William Vincent Jordan born July 29, 1885 married Louise Kasey on February 24, 1911. 

(6-c-2,e)  Florrie Terry Jordan born August 10, 1887 married Andrew Johnston Casper on June 5, 1912.  One daughter Florrie Jordan Casper.

(6-c-2,f)  Harry Blackburn Jordan born July 14, 1889 married Nellie Fitzpatrick on January 4, 1921.

(6-c-2,g)  Francis Otey Jordan born February 8, 1892 and died December 2, 1921.

(6-c-2,h)  Etta Lucretia Jordan born December 21, 1893 and died January 7, 1895.

(6-c-2,i)  Belle Buford Jordan born December 5, 1896 married Maxwell  Terry.  Children:  Andrew Terry and Mary Louise Terry

(6-c-2,j)  Alexander Jordan born February 5, 1899

   (6-c-3)  Julius Blackburn Buford the son of John Q. A. Buford  and Jane Smith Terry was born March 1, 1861.  He married first Lula Blamire on December 5, 1884.  They had one son named Harry Blackburn Buford born September 28, 1887 and died March 25, 1918.  Harry married Grace Harris on June 10, 1912.  Harry registered for the draft in Washington, D.C..  Roll # 15556838.  One son named Harry Blackburn Buford Jr., born April 19, 1913.

The 1910 Census has Harry, age 22, living in Washington, D.C., Precinct 9.  He is living with his cousin, Pattie S. Buford Jordan age 29 and her husband John B. Jordan age 29 and John’s brother William S. Jordan age 24.  All the men in this household are working for the railroad.  Harry (Census has him as Henry) is a ‘Flagman’.

In the census for 1920 we find Harry living at Salisbury, Rowan County, North Carolina. He is now 32 years old and a man with responsibilities.  He is married to Grace Harris Buford and they have a young son named John Blackburn Buford jr. who was born on April 19, 1913 while the family was living in Washington, D.C..  Harry and his family are listed as ‘lodgers’ in the home of Johnsye S. Thompson.  Harry has done well for himself – He is now a ‘Conductor’ for the railroad.  For those of you who are not aware of this, it is the Conductor who is responsible for the train.  Most people think it is the Engineer.

The 1930 census has this family still living in Salisbury, North Carolina.  They now have their own home and doing nicely.  Harry is 41 years old, Grace is 35 years old and Harry Jr. is 16 years old. 

The death notice for Harry Blackburn Buford was in the Salisbury, N.C. newspapers and it lists him as being 59 years old and dieing on the 28th of September 1946.

Harry Blackburn Buford Jr., married Mary Elizabeth Herion on the 4th of July 1952 at Winston-Salem, Forsyth County, North Carolina.  Harry Jr. is 39 years old and his bride is 34 years old.  I believe this to be a second marriage for Harry as he is listed as being the father of John Terry Harvey Buford who was born on July 9, 1931.  His wife is listed as being a Grace Eliz Harvey.  Vol.19 – Page 559 of the North Carolina Birth Index for 1800 – 2000.

Lula Blamire died August 26, 1890 and Julius married again on January 13, 1894.

   (6-c-4)  Frances Otey Buford born April 10, 1867 married Thomas Tucker Oliver on June 19, 1895.  They had two children:  Mary Buford Oliver born April 1, 1896 and John Buford  Oliver born May 23, 1905.

The census of 1910 has this family living in Liberty, Bedford County, Virginia.  Thomas is 50 years old putting his birth year at about 1860.  Frances(spelled with an i) is 42.  They have two children; Mary B. age 14 and John B. age 4. 

In 1920 they are still living at Liberty, now Bedford, Virginia.  Thomas is now 59 and Frances is 52. Mary is now 23 and John is 14.  Also living in this household is Thomas’ Mom Sarah age 83.

In the 1930 census they are still living in Bedford, Virginia.  Thomas has died sometime in the last ten years and so has his Mom Sarah.  Exact dates unknown.  Frances is 62 – daughter Mary is 32 and unmarried and John is 24.

(6-d)  Mary Charlotte Buford the daughter of Paschal Buford and Frances Otey Buford was born January 3, 1826 and died July 1, 1826.

(6-e)  Rowland Dabney Buford born September 20, 1827 the son of Paschal Buford and Frances Otey Buford married Josephine Victoria Wilson on the 4th of March 1856.  They had but one child due to the untimely death of Josephine on the 8th of April 1858.  Their daughter Nancy Lightfoot Buford  lived only a month – May 13, 1857 to June 13, 1857. 

Rowland married a second time on December 5, 1866 to Sarah Augusta Bell the daughter of Alfred A. Bell.  Sarah and Rowland had one daughter named Isabelle Buford who, after her education, taught in the public schools of Bedford County, Virginia.

Rowland grew up on the Buford plantation at Locust Level Bufordville, Virginia.  He attained an education through the school system that was available at that time in Bedford county.  At the age of 14 he was the Deputy County Clerk under Robert C. Mitchell and later went to Lexington, Virginia where he was the Deputy Clerk for Rockbridge County.  He returned to Bedford County and in 1855 he was appointed by the Court to fill the Circuit Court Clerk’s vacancy left by the death of Joseph Wilson.  He was re-elected to this position continually for 27 years except when the county was under military government for a few months following the Civil War. 

He belonged to the St. Joseph’s Episcopal  Church and was appointed superintendent of the Sunday School which he held for many years and was vestryman for many more years.  He donated the land for the Longwood Cemetery.

http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/va/bedford/cemeteries/longwood.txt   Click your ‘back’ button to return to this page.

Rowland  was a remarkable man as was all the members of his family both living and dead.  He lived an honorable and Christian life that no man could find fault with.  He did his job with astonishing deliberation and accuracy which no man after his death could come close to.  In his later years he took to going over and over all the old Bedford County Court House papers until he had more knowledge about the history of Bedford County and it’s inhabitants than any man has ever known.

The following information is from Hardesty's Personal Histories of Bedford County dated 1884. 

Rowland D. Buford - son of Paschal and Frances A. Otey Buford was born in Bedford County on the 20th of September, 1827.  His parents are no longer living, His father departing this life on the 23rd of July, 1875.  At Liberty, county seat of Bedford County, December 5, 1866 Rowland D. Buford was united in marriage with Sarah A Bell, and their daughter Isabel  was born on the first anniversary of their marriage day.  The wife of Mr. Buford was born in Bedford County, a daughter of Alfred A. and Mary A. Lowry Bell.  Her father is deceased, her mother resides in Liberty.  In January, 1855, upon the death of the late Joseph Wilson, former clerk, R. D. Buford was without solicitation appointed clerk of the circuit court of Bedford County, which position he held by appointment and election by the people until July 1881 except a short time while the State was under military rule, and then for a few months owing to the fact that he could not take the oath required by Act of Congress, General Stoneman, the Commandant, by request, removed him and appointed Rev. F. Farnham clerk, when Mr. Buford qualified as deputy clerk and continued to discharge the duties of clerk as usual in the interregnum.  Before his first appointment as clerk he had served as deputy clerk in the county court of Bedford and the courts of Rockbridge County.  He is now engaged in the pursuits of agriculture, with Post Office address at Liberty, Bedford County, Virginia.

Rowland D. Buford was the co-author with N. D. Hawkins of a book entitled: "Historical Sketch of Bedford County." 

From the book by F. Johnson 1888 entitled OLD VIRGINIA CLERKS "Memorials of --I found this sketch on Rowland D. Buford

Among the many excellent clerks that the county of Bedford has been blessed with, none have been more skillful, intelligent and efficient than R. D. Buford.  In some respects he was a model clerk, all the records and papers of his office being kept in perfect order, and everything done in the right way and at the right time, which cannot be said for all clerks.  At an early age he was placed by his father, Captain Paschal Buford, in the office of Colonel Samuel McDowell Reid, who, for more than forty years was the efficient and highly esteemed clerk of Rockbridge county, under whose eye and care young Buford went through a regular training as clerk; and he well repaid all the care and pains bestowed on him by his excellent  preceptor.  After a service of several years as deputy, he went to his native county (Bedford) and was elected clerk of the circuit court in the year 1855, which office he held until 1865, when he was removed by military authority, but was restored in 1870, when he was again elected, and held the office until 1881, when he was succeeded by McLeod Kasey, who lived but a little more than one year, and was succeeded by the present clerk, J. Morton Speece  who was at one time his deputy and who promises to be a worthy successor.

R. D. Buford's skill, intelligence and usefulness as a clerk have given him a wide-spread and well-deserved notoriety; and he has been frequently called upon to examine clerks' offices and report their condition--a duty

which he has always performed in the most satisfactory manner.  Perhaps no clerk has ever been more exact in the matter of charging fees that R. D. Buford, and his fee-books are models of neatness and correct charging.  The only thing in the way of complaint that I have ever heard made against him (and which I considered rather a matter of praise than of complaint) was his extreme particularity in keeping the chancery and other papers closely under his eye and hand; never allowing them to go out of his office without taking a receipt, and holding the lawyers to a strict account for them.  If all clerks were equally particular, we should have less trouble and confusion growing out of lost papers.

Rowland Died on the 3rd of February 1921 after a very long and productive life.  Like his siblings; Julius, James Margaret, and Isaac he lived to be very old at 94.   

(6-f)  Ann Jane Buford daughter of Paschal and Frances Otey Buford was born April  22, 1830 and died August 7, 1908.  She married William Hampton Hall on November 16, 1858.  William was born November 26, 1826 and died February 4, 1882.  William was a Carriage manufacturer and the family lived in Lynchburg, Campbell County, Virginia.  The 1860 census shows  Wm. and  Ann with an infant son named Frank Otey Hall age ten months.  I think Wm. has his brother living with them and his name is A. B. Hall age 26.  They have a servant age 40.

The 1870 census list William as being 43 – Ann is now 40 – Frank is 10 – Nannie is 9 – daughter Paschal is 7 – Abram is 4 and John is 2.  They have a seamstress and a cook in their household.  The last ten years was obviously a very busy time for all. 

The 1880 census has Wm as being 53 years old – Ann is 50 – Frank is 20 – Nannie is 18 – Paschal is 17 – Abram is 14 and John is 12.

Their children were:

   (6-f-1)  Frank Otey Hall a daughter, born September 14, 1859.  She married Dabney Hill Scoville on December 20, 1893.  Dabney was born July 14, 1860.  Frank Otey Hall  Scoville died January 3, 1903.  No children

   (6-f-2)  Nannie Rockafellow Hall born July 25, 1861 and married Robert Graham Hanson on March 10, 1886.  Robert was born July 14, 1851.  Robert and Nannie were born in Virginia but made their home in Bristol, Sullivan County Tennessee.  Robert was a lawyer.  In the 1910 census  it lists Robert as being 58 years old – Nannie 48 years old – Robert 23 years old – Agnes 14 – Hampton 13 and Jennie 12.  A sister, Elizabeth Otey age 43 was living with them. 

In 1920 the census for Bristol Ward 1, Tennessee has Robert at age 68 – Nannie at 58 – there are only two children with them now; Hampton H. age 23 and Jennie B. age 21.  Nannie’s sister Paschal B. age 56 is now living with them.

In 1930 they are still living at Bristol, Tennessee and Robert has reached the ripe old age of 76 and Nannie is hanging in there at 69. (This age difference is different than the original age difference of these two people) Their daughter Jennie age 30 is still with them and she is working as a teacher.

They had  four children:

(6-f-2,a)  Robert Graham Hanson Jr., born February 1, 1887.  Robert married Minnie Thomas Van Epps on June 12, 1913.  Minnie was born January 19,1886.  They had two children:  1)Isabel Thomas Hanson was born March 20, 1914.  2)  Howard Van Epps Hanson was born July 10, 1921. 

(6-f-2,b)  Agnes Graham Hanson born October 27, 1895.  Agnes married  Dr. Harry Wilson Bachman on June 15, 1918.  Harry was born about 1894. They had four children:  1)  Agnes Graham Bachman born May 1, 1920.  2)  Joseph Sidney Bachman born February 23, 1922 and died July 29, 2001 in Maryland.  3)   Frances A. Bachman born about 1926.  4)  Harry Wilson Bachman born March 30, 1928 and died March 18, 2007 at Bristol, Tennessee.  His last known address was in 2002 and he was living with Jane Bachman at 340 Woodbrook Ave. in Bristol, TN.

(6-f-2,c)   Hampton Hall Hanson born December 30, 1896.

(6-f-2,d)  Jennie Buford Hanson born January 16, 1898

  (6-f-3)  Paschal Buford Hall a daughter born January 30, 1863

  (6-f-4)  William Hampton Hall Jr., born March 30, 1864 and died May 3, 1866.

  (6-f-5)  Abraham Buford Hall born November 20, 1865 and died September 15,1883.

  (6-f-6)  John Dayton Hall born November 4, 1867 and died November 23, 1890.

  (6-f-7)  Baby, un-named, born and died September 20, 1871. 

(6-g)  Julius Blackburn Buford son of Paschal and Frances Otey Buford was born November 22, 1832 and died  at Bufordville/Montvale on the 21st of August 1919 at the age of 87.  He married Letitia Terry Campbell on the 11th of April 1871.  I could not find any evidence that this couple ever had any children.

Julius, full of “spit and vinegar,”  was among the first men to respond to the call to arms in 1861.  He joined the volunteer Company  of Captain William R. Terry.  The “Clay Dragoons” Company A., Second Virginia Regiment of Cavalry, First Brigade, under General Fitzhugh Lee, of General J. E. B. Stuart’s Division.  This was the first Cavalry company to leave Bedford.  He participated actively for two years and was in both battles of Manassas plus several others until he was severely stunned by an exploding shell which left him partially deaf for the rest of his life.  The last two years of service he served as Quartermaster with his jurisdiction including Patrick County, Virginia and several other counties located in North Carolina.

Julius was an intelligent man who treated people the way he wished to be treated and never let the rudeness or crudeness of others ruin a perfectly good day.  After reading several articles about him I am sufficiently satisfied in knowing that he and God had a pleasant relationship and he did not have to hope that God would grade him “on the curve”.  J  He is yet another Buford whom I have written about that I can proudly say;  “He is one of mine.”

(6-h) Margaret Letitia Buford daughter of Paschal and Frances Otey Buford was born February 17, 1835.  She married Captain Thomas N. Cobb on December 27, 1883.  After the death of her husband in 1895, Margaret made her home at Locust Level where she died on the 24th of February 1920.  They did not have any children.

 The following information is from Hardesty's Personal Histories of Bedford County dated 1884.  It reads:

Margaret L. Buford is of one of the oldest families of Bedford County and one eminent is services in it's early development, the town of

Bufordville receiving it's name in honor of her Grandfather Captain Henry "Harry" Buford who settled here in 1768.  Her father Paschal G. Buford was born on the farm and in the house where she now lives. (remember the date of the book)  He married Frances Otey, who was born in this county and in the house which has ever since been her home their daughter Margaret L. was born on the 17th of February, 1835. Her father died July 23, 1875 and her mother's death occurred February 5, 1882.  Miss Margaret has been a successful farmer for the last nine years, owning 270 acres of the old original "Locust-Level Farm" of 840 acres and giving careful and intelligent supervision to it's cultivation. Post Office address was Miss Margaret L. Buford, Bufordville, Bedford County, Virginia.

(6-i)  Isaac Henry Buford the son and last born child of Paschal and Frances Otey Buford. He was born at Locust Level on September 25, 1838 and died August 21, 1919.  He married Sarah McGavock on August 31, 1859.  She was the daughter of David Fenton and Elizabeth Cloyd Kent.  Sarah was born in Pulaski County, Virginia on November 5, 1839.  She died March 9, 1891.

The 1870 Census has Isaac and Sarah living in Dublin, Pulaski County, Virginia.  Isaac is 31 years old and a farmer.  Sarah is 30 and daughter Elizabeth is 8 years old.  Son Julius is 4 – David is 3 and Francis O. is one.  The Post Office is in Newbern, Virginia.

The 1880 census shows them on the same farm and they have been a bit busy.  In addition to Elizabeth now 18 – Julius now 14 – David now 13 and Francis now 11, they have five more children;  John Buford age 9 – Lucy K. Buford age 7 – Paschas(Paschal) K Buford age 5 – Sarah E. Buford age 4 and Stanley G. Buford age 2.

In 1900 Isaac is a widower living with his son Julius G. Buford.  He is now 61 years old and listed as a cattle dealer.  His son Julius is a farmer and they have one servant.

In 1910 I find Isaac living with his daughter Lucy K. Buford Draper and her husband Joseph.  Isaac is now 72 years old.  Also in this household is Lucy’s sister Otey Buford age 41.  Lucy and Joseph have two children; Kent A. Draper age 5 and Elizabeth B. Draper age 7 months.  They have two servants.  Joseph is a farmer.

Isaac and Sarah settled in  Dublin, Pulaski County and that is where all of their ten children were born.  Isaac’s family was later known as “those Pulaski Bufords”.  Hope they said that with a smile.

(6-i-1)  Elizabeth Cloyd Buford born January 4, 1862 married William Kirby Miller on January 13, 1886.  William was the son of John Kirby Miller and Elizabeth Larew Glendy.  He was born in Pulaski County, Virginia on September 29, 1861 and died November 30, 1921.  They had the following children:

(6-i-1,a)  Daisy Miller born November 4, 1886 and died October 1966.  Unmarried. 

(6-i-1,b)  James Fenton Miller born December 4, 1887

(6-i-1,c) Sallie Kent Miller born December 15, 1888

(6-i-1,d & e)  Twins Lizzie Otey Miller and John Miller born February 20, 1890.  John Miller died in December of the same year.

(6-i-1,f)  Lucy Miller born  July 7, 1891 and died February 19, 1892.

(6-i-1,g)  Un-named baby girl born and died on July 7, 1892.

(6-i-1,h)  Margaret Miller born May 27, 1893

(6-i-1,i)  Mary Lee Miller born October 27, 1894

(6-i-1,j & k)  Twins again;  William Kirby Miller and  Nellie McGavock Miller born November 5, 1895

(6-i-1,l)  Un-named son born and died on the 7th of January 1897,

(6-i-1,m)  Buford Blackburn Miller born August 9, 1898

(6-i-1,n)  Lettie Campbell Miller born December 23, 1899

(6-i-1,o)  Cloyd Miller born January 26, 1902 and died February 19, 1902.

(6-i-1,p)  Another un-named son born March 18, 1903 and died October 1, 1903.  I wonder why this child was never named ?!?!

(6-i-1,q)  Infant son born and died September 20, 1905.

My, my, are you thinking what I’m thinking????  This takes the cake for a tragic family loosing so many of their precious babies and having two sets of twins.  I have a family like this in my book but the difference being they had three sets of twins and only 13 children.

I was able to track down this family through the U. S. Federal census’ beginning with the year 1880 for Dublin, Pulaski County, Virginia.  We know all about Elizabeth Cloyd Buford so I’ll begin with William Kirby Miller who was 18 years of age in 1880 and living with his Mom and Dad; John K. Miller, and Elizabeth L. Glendy Miller and William’s five siblings who are: 1)  John G. Miller age 20  2)  Mary J. Miller age 16  3)  Virginia A. Miller age 14  4)  Lizzie L. Miller  age 12  5)  Daniel C. Miller age 4.  John Miller is a farmer and they are living next door to Elizabeth’s Mom and Dad; William J. Glendy and Nancy M. Glendy and Elizabeth’s siblings:  John W. Glendy born about 1856 – Mary C. Glendy born about 1858 and Robert H. Glendy born about 1869.

There are no surviving copies of the 1890 census so I must skip to the census for 1900.  William and Elizabeth “Lizzie” are now married and they are listed as being 38 years old.  William is a farmer and they stay on this same farm until William’s death in 1921.  They have been pretty busy – They now have ten children Mary “Daisy” age 13 – James age 12 – Palter K. age 11 – Lizzie C. age 10 – Margaret age 7 – Mary age 4 – Willa age 3 – Nettie age 3 – Buford age 1 and ‘Infant’ age 5 months.

The 1910 census just proves that everyone aged ten years and

In 1910 the family is still pretty well intact and everyone has aged yet another ten years – William and Elizabeth are now 48 and probably wondering “where in the devil have the years gone?” There has been another birth and she survived the rigors of childhood – Lettie C. age 11.

The 1920 census shows the family is now a bit smaller.  William is listed as being 58 and Elizabeth is 57.  Daisy is now 33 and unmarried – Sallie is 31 and unmarried – Fannie is 29 and unmarried – William is 24 and unmarried – Buford is 21 and unmarried and Lettie is 20 and unmarried.

The 1930 Census has Sallie as ‘head of house at 41 years of age and living with Daisy her sister who is now 43 and a teacher and Margaret age 37 and a teacher and Mary age 34 and a teacher.  Next door is Buford a Mail Carrier age 31 and ‘head of house’ with sister Margaret age 30 and staying at home.

(6-i-2)  James Randal Kent Buford  the son of Isaac Henry Buford and Sarah McGavock was born December 1, 1863 and died October 24, 1868.

(6-i-3)  Julius Gordon Buford the son of Isaac Henry Buford and Sarah McGavock was born July 27, 1865

(6-i-4)  David Fenton Buford  the son of Isaac Henry Buford and Sarah McGavock was born April 25,1868 and died November 22, 1885.

(6-i-5)  Frances Otey Buford the daughter of Isaac Henry Buford and Sarah McGavock was born October 23, 1868.  Frances married  November 25, 1919, her first cousin Stuart Buford the son of James Hervey Buford and Lucy E. Hanson Buford.  Frances did volunteer work for her Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.  Her membership # is 48228.  My DAR # is 829062 which shows you how much water has gone over the dam since Frances joined the DAR.  I don’t have any evidence she and Stuart had any children.  The myth of first cousins marring may have had something to do with them being childless.

(6-i-6)  John Buford born March 12, 1871.   John married Mary Lewis Whaling on July 27, 1898.  Mary was born on May 31st, 1877 in Pulaski County, Virginia, the daughter of John T. Whaling and Mary Ingraham.  They had nine children:

(6-i-6,a)  Mary Elizabeth Buford born September 7, 1899.  She married Lucian Lee Hale on the 20th of March 1920.  Lucian was born on the 4th of December 1898.  One daughter named Elizabeth Lee Hale born April 8, 1921.

(6-i-6,b)  Janie Kent Buford born December 8, 1902 and died July 14, 1903.

(6-i-6,c)  Helen Buford born March 16, 1904. 

(6-i-6,d)  Julia Pitzer Buford born December 31, 1905 and died September 26, 1906.

(6-i-6,e)  John Whaling Buford born February 6, 1907 and died November 24, 1983 in Los Angeles, California.

(6-i-6,f)  Cynthia Buford born October 9, 1909.

(6-i-6,g)  Sarah McGavock Buford born September 3, 1910.

(6-i-6,h)  Julius Gordon Buford born November 20, 1913.

(6-i-6,i)  Louise Kent Buford born December 20, 1916.

(6-i-7)  Lucy Kent Buford the daughter of Isaac Henry Buford and Sarah McGavock was born January 11, 1873 married Joseph Draper on June 9, 1903.  Joseph was the son of John and Jane Hairston Draper of Pulaski County.  Joseph was born February 6, 1879.  The 1910 census has the Drapers living in Dublin, Pulaski County, Virginia and Lucy’s father Isaac Buford, age 72, is living with them.  Also in this household is Lucy’s sister Otey Buford age 41.  The census lists Kent (below) as a daughter.

Lucy and Joseph had three children: 

(6-i-7,a)  Kent Hairston Draper born November 24, 1904.

(6-i-7,b)  Elizabeth Buford Draper born October 1, 1908.

(6-i-7,c)  Lucy Kent Buford  Draper born unknown and died February 8, 1920.

(6-i-8)  Paschal Kent Buford the son of Isaac Henry Buford and Sarah McGavock was born June 6, 1874. The 1920 Census lists him as being 46 years old, single, living in Pulaski County, Virginia with a white housekeeper; “Nellie H. Cruff” and her 12 year old son Beul Cruff.  He is a farmer.

(6-i-9)  Sarah Ellen Buford the daughter of Isaac Henry Buford and Sarah McGavock was born October 18, 1875 married William McKelvey Montague on the 5th of October, 1898.  William McKelvey was born September 4, 1874 the son of Jeremiah Kyle Montague and Mary Grove Smith Montague .

(6-i-10) Stanley Gibbs Buford the son of Isaac Henry Buford and Sarah McGavock was born February 8, 1878.

In 1900 Stanley was boarding and living in the Eldridge Brackman household as a farm laborer.  He was 22 years old.

In 1910 he was living on his own farm – alone - not married.  He was 32 years old,

In 1920 Stanley was living on the same farm – alone with an employee and two servants.  He is now 41 years old.

I find him next in the 1930 census – still farming with two servants.  He is 52 years old.   We can safely assume that Stanley has never been married nor does he intend to marry.

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