Buford, Martha "Pattie" Hicks

My own friend and the friend of those who were dear to me, is no more.  A most merciful and godly woman has passed away.  Mrs. Pattie Buford is dead!  "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord, for they shall rest from their labor."  In all religions which have comforted and blessed mankind here below, charity is the cardinal virtue.  The Pariahs of earth might tell with eloquent tongue what measure of grace was hers in the practice of this sublime virtue.  They were naked and she clothed them; they were hungry and she fed them; they were sick and in trouble and she ministered unto their necessities.  This has been the business of her life from her earliest years -- an Angel of mercy to bind up the wounds of those toward whom no hand was stretched to soothe and save.  From early childhood, the fell hand of disease marked her as his own.  But this only quickened her tender sympathies which have gone out to the woes and afflictions of others.  Her happiness has always been to comfort the broken hearted whilst yet a little girl the tears would spring into her eyes at the recital of the pathetic story.  She inherited piety from her saintly mother, one of the best of women, and at death of her mother, she learned it on the knees of an Aunt whose name she bore and who for years in Lawrenceville was a mother in grace.  Mrs. Buford, in her girlhood, unlike others at that age, was never so happy as whilst teaching her little slave playmates their letters and the story of the Cross.  Yet with this soft and tender heart there was a noble understanding and a cultivated intellect - aye, elements of heroism which perchance in other times and on other fields might have the charge Sara Gossa or died with the fortitude of a Madame Roland.  Mrs. Buford with one of those altruistic minds so rare in this wretched age in which lust of gold and commerce is the aim of all.  Although cumbered with much serving for her own little ones, these numerous household cares and drudgery could not "freeze the genial current of her soul."  A writer of unusual force and pathos, she was ever ready to use her talents and genius for the cause of philanthropy; earnestly realizing the words of the Great Master - "the poor ye shall have with you always."

Thousands live and pass away in frivolous occupations with no thought beyond their own gratification and they seek no more. A delicate woman, tenderly reared, a life long invalid accustomed to all the refinements of wealth and luxury, but with a love in her heart for all mankind such as few have ever possessed.  Living for years surrounded by the sick, the ignorant, the unfortunate and all with the noble purpose to teach them to live as men and Christians - Peace to her ashes - honor to her memory.

The author of this memoriam is known by his initials only....  T. J. T ~ Cochran, Virginia ~ January 21, 1901.

If anyone knows the full name I would greatly appreciate knowing who wrote this marvelous memorial for Pattie..


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